After a car pulls out from a junction and nearly hits him, a cyclist insists the driver get out and de-ice his windows

“I can see clearly, I just didn’t see you,” says the driver of the Ford in the video above after a cyclist confronted him about his frosted-up windscreen.

The cyclist narrowly avoided being hit by the car as it pulled out of a side road, almost colliding with the bike’s back wheel.

The irate cyclist, who admits underneath his YouTube video that he may have been a touch rude, then blocks the car’s path and insists the driver gets out to scrape the ice from his windows.

The driver, however, insisted that he could see perfectly well out of his vehicle despite the near miss and refused to get out of his car, apologising profusely instead.

The AA recently issued a warning to motorists about the dangers of driving with insufficient clear glass to see through on the windscreen in the winter, advising them to fully de-ice all of their windows before setting off.

  • will

    Australia; am I right?

  • Fifty Something

    In *this* country, if I tried to stop a driver that almost killed me because of a frosted over windshield, I’d put the probability of the driver getting out of the car and assaulting me or just trying to run me over at about 50%.

  • zero

    You want to try being on the wrong end of some near misses: you’d be surprised how righteous and possibly arrogant you can get. It may not be pretty, but it’s only natural.

  • Gavin Patterson

    He did nearly get knocked off like.

  • highlandmist

    Fortunatley the Reg plate was clearly visible. I suspect the driver has been taken down to the police station for a severe reprimand at the very least. NOT !

  • Les

    The main problem is motorists don’t think they will hurt you if they hit you with there car. If 2 cars bump into each other normally no one is hurt, not the same for a cyclist.

  • Hitler

    Top marks for amateur dramatics.

  • Ian crosby

    Arrogant wally. Cyclist that is.

  • Joaquim

    They “never see you”. It´s the same thing here in Portugal.