A female cyclist's bra wire saves her after a stray bullet hit her in a hunting accident in Germany

A cyclist who inadvertantly rode into the middle of a boar hunt while cycling in the woods in north-east Germany, was saved by the wire in her bra after she was hit by a bullet.

The woman, 41-year-old tourist on holiday from North Rhine-Westphalia, said she felt a pain in her chest according to newspaper Gadebusch-Rehnaer Zeitung, while cycling with her husband, which was found out to be the bullet deflecting off the underwire of her bra.

Her husband spotted the hunters in the Mecklenberg-Western Pomerania area and shouted them down to stop what they were doing. The women was taken to hospital in Gadebusch nearby by a passing motorist and was reportedly treated for bruising on her chest and a small blood clot.

The body of a boar was found in the line of fire and after inspection of the area with sniffer dogs and metal detectors, police believe the bullet may have rebounded off the boar before hitting the woman.

The identified hunter’s gun was taken along their ammunition by police and is now being investigated on suspicion of negligent injury.

  • Apollina

    Yeah I see what you’re getting at but in your part about her being not a cyclist but a woman, “perhaps even a mother”, you’ve done a similar thing yourself. The (potential) tragedy would not be greater just because a woman had reproduced. It’s the (potential) loss of life that would be sad or noteworthy, not the fact someone had given birth. As it is, she’s fine and it’s an interesting story, with no need to canonise motherhood, reducing women’s worth again to their reproductive systems.

  • Boftie

    Actually an important reminder for those of us (including me) who live/ride in countries where there is boar and deer hunting. I live in the French Alps but got caught up in a shoot near Carcassonne while on holiday last year. Without adverse effect fortunately, but it pays to be vigilant and wear brightly coloured clothing!

  • Ambientereal

    I thought that after being injured by a bullet, he was bandaged with a bra !!!

  • Jon

    I know what you’re talking about, but in this case I don’t think it applies. Cycling Weekly is a magazine for cyclists. If it was a non-cycling tourist there would have been no relevance and they are obliged to identify the person as a cyclist. Also, why is it okay to keep the gender specificity and underwear reference, if identifying her as a cyclist is an issue?

    In fact I think the fact that she was cycling and gets hit by a bullet riding past a boar hunt, only to be saved by a bra wire, brings the scene alive – if you remove all the specific details you’re left with ‘person’s clothes deflect projectile’.

    The articles that are a problem are when a thug who happens to be on a bike gets identified as ‘a cyclist’ in a way that is seized on by the anti-cycling lobby.

  • RobTM

    Uhhh, it’s Cyclingweekly.co.uk .. they should say, if she came off.. and if she tried to complete her ride before the trip in broom wagon

  • Richard Berry

    Really? Are we defined by our mode of transport? What is wrong with the headline “Woman saved from injury by bra” or “Hunting accident averted by bra”.

    Why does the press have a need to label us by our mode of transport? Surely, first and foremost she’s a woman, perhaps even a mother, definitely a tourist. Yet all these alternative labels are ignored and you focus on the bicycle she happened to be riding at the time even though the mode of transport is inconsequential to the story.

    Also a quite poorly written piece in general. Was it even reread once after being hastily typed? “The women was taken to hospital”. What? Was there more than one woman involved?