Looking mainly at rules 59-82, we aim to find out just how familiar you are with The Highway Code

Anecdotally, many road users who don’t cycle like to bandy about claims that “all cyclists run red lights” or tell the next cyclist they see of the minor infringement they saw someone else commit on two wheels.

With that in mind, this week’s cycling quiz sets out to see how well cyclists actually do know The Highway Code.

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We have focused mainly on rules 59-82, which are those that the Department for Transport says are specifically for those of us on two wheels. There are some questions from elsewhere in the Code, however, just to get a bit of variety into the questioning.

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This is by no means an exhaustive run-through of every rule of the road, nor should it be treated as a definitive test of anyone’s ability to ride on the road – it’s a bit of fun to see how well us cyclists know the arbitrary rules of the roads we use.

  • zhb32vsln

    I live in Canada, and I still got 7/10. Got the roundabout question right (here, roundabouts are scarce). I don’t know what a “yellow box” is, and everybody has to have reflectors and lights here. Missed the “double white centre line” question too.

  • burttthebike

    The question about what vehicles are allowed in bus lanes is ambiguous and depends on where you live, so has several possible answers. I gave the right answer for where I live but it wasn’t the right answer for this quiz!

  • rct

    Question one is wrong. In general motorbikes are not allowed in Bus Lanes, only those operated on Red Routes by TFL, or signed accordingly in other jurisdictions.