We asked you to pick out your favourite pro rider, and here's what you said

Geraint Thomas, Thomas Voeckler, Laura Trott, Marianne Vos, Tony Martin, Mark Cavendish, Lizzie Armitstead, Alberto Contador… some of the many names that you picked as your favourite rider.

We recently asked Cycling Weekly readers to choose their top currently-active rider and had a huge response. It seems there is currently a wide range of riders in the pro peloton worthy of your admiration.

Here we present a selection of your answers, and your justification for picking that person.

Have you got a favourite rider not mentioned here? Tell us who it is, and why you picked them in the comments box below.

Geraint Thomas. He’s an amazing rider and has such a wicked, sharp sense of humour.
Sue Lock

Nairo Quintana. Seems a humble, honest rider who rides and gives 100 per cent. I love his climbing style. For women, it has to be Lizzie Armitstead, great consistency and I saw her ride away on Michaelgate in Lincoln for the Nationals… very impressive.
Jonathan Pugh

Thomas Voeckler – never a dull moment. The spirit of cycling, manifest.
Mark Coyle

It’s like trying to choose your favourite ice cream! Mark Cavendish would be at the top of a very long list of favourite riders, and Laura Trott. That girl is bursting with enthusiasm for life.
Sheree Lyons

Tony Martin on stage ten of the 2014 Tour of Spain

‘Time trial legend’ Tony Martin is a fan favourite

Tony Martin! Time trial legend who appears very quiet and shy. Just goes about his business, and lets his riding do the talking.
Mitchell Webster

Peter Sagan. Impressive how he is always near the front. Doesn’t matter which style of course. All-round great cyclist. And funny as hell, too.
Daniel Curry

Chris Froome. A lot of people don’t like his riding style and say he isn’t exciting to watch. But his manner off the bike is what I think makes him so likeable. After everything he faced during the Tour de France, he had every right to be angry and frustrated. However, I never saw him acting anything but calm and gentlemanly.
Jame Grimshaw

Bernie Eisel. AKA the bus driver. All-round legend, leads the boys on the flat and pulls early in the mountains. Respected, strong, stylish and he has a beard.
Luke Coleman

Ian Stannard, because he pushes the wind for three quarters of a stage and never gets much TV time. He is a machine.
Warren Brock

Mark Cavendish and Chris Froome on stage twenty-one of the 2015 Tour de France

Brit double: Mark Cavendish and Chris Froome

Mark Cavendish for me. I like the fact that he wears his heart on his sleeve, and shows his frustrations at losing, his jubilation at winning, and in particular his willingness to praise others – teammates AND opponents – when the situation calls for it.
Howard Cobb

Vincenzo Nibali. Aggressive, super-smooth, classic Italian persona. Yates brothers are my favourite Brits at the moment. Not sure it’s fair to separate them!
Graeme Hart

Michal Kwiatkowski. He is determined and he is willing to help his team out. I think he has a good chance of winning a grand tour in the near future.
Yolande Pretorius

Luke Rowe and John Degenkolb in action during the 2015 Paris - Roubaix

Not afraid of hard work: Luke Rowe

Luke Rowe. Very talented and does the hard yards. Isn’t a showman like Voeckler or as outspoken as Wiggo, but every successful team has to have a Luke Rowe in their ranks.
Joe McCormick

Alberto Contador. On top form he is just awesome to watch, his tactics and race craft are spot on and that win to Fuente Dé was superb.
Michael Dales

  • Stevo

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  • edgydrifter

    Thomas Voeckler: Master of the grand gesture, made more poignant because he knows his efforts are usually doomed to failure. Rides with guts.

    Peter Sagan: The clown prince of the peleton–a joker who is no joke. Does his own thing his own way and to hell with the haters.

    Larens ten Dam: Seemingly indestructible. Might actually be a terminator.

  • 3Pretend to be British? There is a huge difference between an English (Welsh, Scot, etc) and British. British means that you are not English (or welsh or scot) by birth. So my father was Polish, my mother French and I was born in the UK and lived there all my life. I cannot claim to be English, but I can rightly claim to be British. So please leave CF alone!

  • Tom Knight

    Can’t name one but Froomey, G, Yogi, Luke Rowe, Armistead, Fabian, Cav, Vockler, Contador, The Yates brothers. Not forgetting Jens. Not keen on Nabali or Aru and Nacer Bouhann.

  • J1

    Genuinely can’t think of any.

  • DNS

    Nibali (grow up everybody!!…. (just say Vuelta 2010, or Bouhani 2015?), Contador clearly, Tony Martin, for obvious reasons, Degenkolb, Nasser Bouhani, for attitude, Dan Martin, Nico Roche (will people PLEASE learn to pronounce his name, for Christ’s sake!), Kiri on Sky, Thomas as well, Valverde for his indefatigability (is that a word?), Uran, little Chavez, …. too many:-)

  • James Rider

    Jonny Hoogerland and Juan Antonio Flecha. Hoogerland was the one who went into the barbed wire.

  • James Rider

    Grow up.

  • Andrew Bairsto

    All riders except riders who pretend to be British.

  • Bob

    time flies but I didn’t think it was that long ago, could be wrong though – I seem to remember there may have been 2 riders displaced and they finished just outside the time cutoff but didn’t get DQ – maybe someone with a better memory could say

  • Oboeplum

    I know who you’re reffering to, but I can’t remember the name. He was a dutch guy (I think), it was 2011, stage 17 maybe?

  • Bob

    Any rider who has one of those awful crashes losing acres of skin and blood or broken bones yet gets straight back up and doesn’t complain (that’s most of them then), but especially the guy who got knocked into the barbed wire a few tours back by a team car (cant remember the name), that one still makes me groan – respect to them all.

  • Ella

    Woow I like this post replaced by a jew

  • J1

    Can’t argue with any of the above….ok maybe Nibali.

    There’s too many to list, most of the ones listed already plus;

    Kiryienka – He likes having 200 riders on his wheel just as much as Bernie Eisel, forever on the nose. “They send him up the road as a battering ram through the fans” as one commentator said, only half joking.

    Taylor Phinney – Great Tester, great personality and he’s shown a huge amount of grit to get back to racing after that horrible career-threatening crash.

    Phil Gil – Legendary attacking rider, good guy.

    Alex Dowsett – Down to earth, knows his way round a time trial too.