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  • Good 'aero' package
  • Light


  • Watch out for crosswinds


American Classic Victory 30, 1,570g £399.99


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This product is featured in: Seven of the best upgrade wheels.

On paper, these are the wheels for the ‘aero’ fans.

The deepest rim here, at 30mm (hence the name) should help cut through the air and shave precious seconds from your PB.

They’re quite light, especially considering the extra rim depth, and they pick up and accelerate quickly.

When you’re zipping along there’s no fuss with rougher roads and they generally help smooth out the riding experience.

All in all they’re a good package, but only in the best weather conditions.


Gusty winds made me question whether I'd be able to handle them full time. Other than that though, a competitive set-up worth considering if a deeper rim is your preference.

  • Andy Palin

    Thanks Tim. It is helpful to know that M&L provided you with a solution, I hope they treat me in a similar way. The chap at my local bike shop has greater confidence in the componentry in the upgraded hub but still thinks that the mechanism used by AC to activate the pawls is a bit bonkers! Hope the wheels are behaving themselves.


  • Tim Greeley

    Hello Andy, Thanks for the update. Moore & Large have supplied a replacement bearing and this has been fitted to the original wheels. Please let me know how you get on as I think the same problem will re-occur but I’ve lost confidence in the wheels. I was stuck in the middle of no-where when the problem happened on my way to work! Regards, Tim

  • Andy Palin

    Hi Tim. I am in touch with the supplier, Moore & Large, to get a replacement. Long story short, the shop I bought the wheels from is no longer trading. A chap who used to work there advised me to contact the supplier as this is an increasingly common issue with Victory 30 rear hubs. Hoping for a resolution involving replacement wheel set (the new & less flaky 30s are in a different livery). Will keep you posted!

  • Tim Greeley

    I’ve had the same problem with the rear wheel. The wheels have been good for about 18 months but the rear started slipping and then failed completely. I’m thinking of buying a different brand. My LBS supply and rave about Mavic…

  • Andy Palin

    Great wheels to ride; light for the money and they spin up easily. I did notice the deep rims when hitting side winds, but you get used to it quickly and I can’t say that it has been a major issue. What I am disappointed by is the rear hub. After a year of riding it started slipping and I will now need to replace hub components. I stripped the hub down and discovered that the drive is initiated by a spigot on a spring, which seems a bit flaky and has sheared off by the looks of it. Not a great design IMO