Fundraising ideas in 2013

We all have our own financial worries. From paying money into your personal pension plan, to making sure you save each month, and if you can make up our ISA allowance. But are we doing enough for those less fortunate than ourselves? If you’re a fitness fanatic or you just feel like doing your bit, why not put yourself to the test and raise some money for charity?

There are so many options to do your bit. So, why not? It could really make a difference to someone’s life. Here are a few ideas to get you started for fundraising in 2013. Where will it take you?

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Sponsored cycling

If you’re a big road cyclist and feel like pushing yourself to the extreme, there’s nothing like a charitable cause to get those legs pumping whatever conditions are thrown at you. Once you’ve picked your charity, you can start to think about your route. Will you opt for the UK? Maybe a couple of the Tour de France legs? Once you’ve made this decision and you’ve got your equipment sorted, it’s time to start promoting it – but we’ll come to that bit later.

Marathon / half marathon

Running a marathon or a half marathon is a huge achievement in itself, but running on behalf of a charity makes it all about the wider good as opposed to your own personal goals. Yes the London Marathon is obviously the big one in the UK, but there are loads of other options throughout the country in terms of both full and half marathons. You may even want to consider running it abroad in one of the world’s top cities. Berlin or New York anyone?


It’s a fact of raising money that those who sponsor you really want to see you out of your comfort zone. It’s all about pushing yourself to the edge to get them to dig deep in their pockets – the more extreme you go, the more likely they’ll give their money to your chosen cause. Can you get more extreme than jumping out of a plane at 20,000 feet? It’s certainly a difficult one to beat and no doubt will get the sponsorship flying in.

Something a little different

Do you fancy racing through India in a tuk tuk against other competitors or driving a clapped out banger through Mongolia? These both exist and there are plenty of others out there where you’ll be tested in an environment you don’t know, on difficult roads and in probably the worst transport possible. It’s an experience of a lifetime and a fantastic way to raise a lot of money for your chosen charity.

Promoting your challenge

It’s one thing deciding to do something for charity, it’s another meeting the level of sponsorship you need. You can’t just rely on your friends and family slipping you a tenner here and there, you need to make people aware of it and make it easy for them to get the money through to you. A good option for collecting donations is by setting up a page online whereby you can shout about your charity and get people to upload donations as the easier you make it for people the more likely they’ll do it. But you need to make them aware, with social media being a great way to do this. Set up a Facebook page and bug your friends every day. Open a Twitter account, tweet the charity you’re raising funds for and just generally shout about it!

After all, if you’re putting yourself through it, you need to do it right and raise as much money as you can!