It’s ‘Cycle Commuting’ week on Cycling Weekly - here's how to get ready for Bike to Work Week

From 11-16th April here at Cycling Weekly we’ll be doing our bit to provide you with the tips and advice that make commuting to work by bike a breeze!

A male and female cyclist riding on bikes to work.
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Bike to Work Week is coming up soon - this year it'll be taking place from 15-21 May, and Bike to Work Day itself is on Friday, May 19.

Whether you’re a seasoned ‘all-weather’ urban cyclist, or if this is the first time you’ve considered swapping four wheels for two on your commute, this week we’re celebrating all forms of city and utility cycling with a whole host of tips, tricks and advice.

For those just starting out, the range of choices and considerations can feel a little dizzying - what actually is the best bike for cycle commuting? What clothes should I wear? How do I lock my bike up securely? What lights? What route? And how much is all this going to cost?

We’ve got some good news for you there - urban cycling actually requires very little in the way of specialist equipment and is a cheap, efficient, and fun way to get around. We’ll be running you through the essentials, many of which you might already own, in an easy to follow and step-by-step manner.

But for those who need no convincing about the benefits of cycle commuting - and those who perhaps are looking to optimise their setup in any particular aspect - well, we’ve got you more than covered there. We've answered whether it’s worth investing in an e-bike for commuting, which is best for commuting: disc or rim brakes, and whether you should give airless tires a try

Male rider cycle commuting to work by bike.

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Beyond just kit considerations, check out our advice on how to plan the perfect ride to work and consider trying this specific cycling workout that you can fit into a commute. We've also answered the question of just how fit it’s possible to get on a 10-mile commute, and how you’ll be able to make best use of that distance to improve different aspects of your fitness. 

Find our top tips for cycling to work here and round up of the best bikes for commuting here. If you already know you want a specific bike style, we have dedicated guides to the best folding bikes and best electric bikes too. Looking to keep costs low? Be sure to check out the best cheap electric bikes.

For more advice check out all the content we already have published below, and we'll be adding links to the other pieces when they go live this week...


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