Tour Series blog #3: Simon Wilson in Peterborough

Well the whirlwind that is Tour Series is upon us again!

It has pretty quickly established itself with both the British public, who have been turning up en masse to shout encouragement and bang the boards, but also with the teams and riders.

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It all adds up to create a great atmosphere that’s missed when it’s all over. Everyone travels together to the same place: it’s quite friendly between all the Tour Series teams – before we get on the bikes.

Yesterday, Maarten De Jonge (Endura) was at the briefing and didn’t know what a gazebo was. When he came out, [Ian] Wilko and I convinced him it was a giraffe. That got him quite confused.

I work full-time as a Go Ride British Cycling coach, so that’s a pretty big challenge. Back in the winter, I was getting up at 6am to do four-hour rides in the dark.

I could do with a time-travelling machine. Last year one of the rounds was in Exeter and I had to be in Southport for a meeting at half 10 the next morning. I drove to my friend’s house in Leicester, slept there and drove the rest of the way via a few strong coffees.

I’m one of the best at travelling – when I’m not driving. I got a speeding ticket on the way back from Aberystwyth, but I can sleep whenever and wherever if I’m not at the wheel. On the team, Tom Barras likes a pun or two; Tony Gibby also has a big character.

The first two rounds haven’t gone well for us as a team, we have been crash-marred in the run up [Barras won the Hillingdon GP then had a serious crash at the Yorkshire regional champs – ed] which has taken out three of the riders we expected to be fighting for selection.

The team rode pretty well at Peterborough for fifth, but I still think we can do a little better. I’m looking forward to the more criterium-based rounds.

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