Word on the Street: when is it hot enough for bare legs?

CW talk to six random cyclists about leg-warmer etiquette: when is it the right time to bare legs?

Darren Halfpenny, Bromsgrove

I don’t know what temperature it has to be; as soon as it’s hot enough, the leg-warmers are off. I don’t feel the cold anyway.

I’m a warehouse manager, so I normally wear shorts all year round.

Roger Jones, Halesowen
I read an interview with someone in Cycling Weekly saying that if the temperature was below 20ºC, you shouldn’t wear shorts. That’s probably a reasonable guideline; anything below that and you need a leg-warmer on. Anything that covers 
the knees.

Brian Jones, Halesowen
If I’m racing in June, particularly in the morning when there’s an easterly breeze, I’ll wear compression tights. Last year it was midsummer in March, but this year we’re still having northerly and easterly winds and it’s cold when the sun goes down.

Jim Varnish, Bromsgrove
You can’t have a set day when the legs come out, not in this climate! Especially if you go out first thing in the morning. A pro would say never have bare legs when training. I was going up a climb in Majorca once and it was baking; my zip was down to the bottom and I was dripping with sweat.

Then Erik Zabel came past with a woolly hat on.

Richard Cartland, Worcester
If you’re racing, the temperature can be a lot lower [for wearing shorts], maybe 12ºC. If you’re out training, maybe 18ºC is a good guideline. If you wear leg-warmers, then you can just take them off, depending on how warm it is. It’s better to have them on and take them off rather than not have them at all.

Adrian Leach, Redditch
I only wear them in the winter, to be honest; the ones I’ve got are just leg-warmers that I can tuck up under my shorts. I’ll sometimes wear them if I ride to work in the morning; I have to leave at 4.30am and it can be quite chilly.

But if it gets to around 12 or 14 degrees, then I’ll take them off.

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