Friday Edit: In which the Editor is horrendously out of date and risks being chased by a dinosaur

Is there any risk of a T-Rex assault on MyWhoosh?

dinasours on turbo trainer
(Image credit: Future/Getty)

I recently realised that I’ve been running a version of Zwift that was so old, the on-screen wildlife accompanying me in Watopia should have been 100% dinosaur . I’ve had a pretty solid inkling that my indoor training app was living in a bygone era for some time, so it wasn’t a big surprise when the software finally informed me that I needed to sort my set up the hell out. Now, I’ve got the keys to Makuri Islands and the ‘Back to Fitness’ training plan I quite obviously needed around a year ago, so order is restored. 

Sometimes - or indeed, quite often - life gets in the way of our becoming the cycling legend we imagine we could be (given limitless resources and a giant injection of actual talent). 

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