Just a few months ago, 17-year-old Southampton rider Dani King decided to switch from the sprint disciplines on her Olympic Development Programme to the endurance events.

CW: How are you finding the Olympic Development Programme?

DK: It?s really good. I?m just getting used to the workload and the training after switching from sprint to endurance.

Endurance is completely different to sprinting. How do you feel you are coping?

I was an endurance rider originally, and then switched to sprint. After a year, it got to the European Track Championships and I didn?t think I had progressed as well as I intended to, so I wanted to see if endurance was the right way to go.

Is that just on the track or is it on the road as well?

It?s on the road too, so I?m really looking forward to the race season ahead. It will be my first one in the endurance events.

What has been your best cycling achievement so far?

I was ninth at the European Track Championships as a first-year junior and got a silver medal in the pursuit as a youth. I was second to Hannah Mayo on the Newport track. I was second in a stage race two years ago as a first-year youth, my first year of cycling.

How is your studying going?

I?m in my first year of college at the moment and I?m doing four A levels: human biology, psychology, PE and business studies.

That?s a lot of deep stuff to fit around riding a bike.

It is tough. I?ve just had exams so I hope they have gone alright.

What is on your iPod?

A bit of dance music for the rollers. And a bit of Leona Lewis.

How much training do you do?

Quite a lot. I?ve got loads of miles in through the winter. I had a 15-hour week the last few weeks as well.

What sort of diet are you on?

A healthy one! There is no room for chocolate, which I love. It?s horrible seeing your friends munching through chips and burgers, trying to hold back, but it?s got to be done.

Coke or water?

I?d like to have Coke but it has to be water.

Do you go to the cinema, and what is your favourite film?

Yes, I like the movies a lot. I like all the chick flicks with mean girls, like Save The Last Dance.

Would you like to be in the new Halfords Bikehut team alongside Nicole Cooke and other possible 2012 riders?

Well, I?ve got a good sponsor in Elliott Builders back home in Southampton behind me. But to be able to race with girls you don?t normally race with, and who are all hoping to do well in the future, would be really good.