Driver threatens to break cyclist’s neck in bout of road rage near Richmond Park (video)

Warning: this video contains A LOT of swearing

A driver in the Richmond area of London has reportedly voluntarily attended a police station after a cyclist recorded an incident of road rage on a bike-mounted camera.

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The cyclist was making his way along Priory Lane towards Richmond Park on March 14 when the Land Rover driver attempted to make a close pass. When the cyclist shouted “come on” the driver can be heard shouting abuse back before forcing the rider towards the kerb.

Having stopped his vehicle, the driver then marches round the car to the cyclist and shouts at him to get on the pavement, where there is a two-way cycle path.

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The cyclists rather enthusiastically screams back at the driver, pointing out he has the legal right to cycle on the road, with a volley of expletives being traded by both parties.

The driver makes to go back to his vehicle but instead starts shouting at other cyclists who had stopped to check out the situation on the other side of the road. After more provocation from the original cyclist the motorist comes back round to the back of the car claiming the rider had punched his car.

When the driver threatens to punch and kill the cyclists, the rider asks why he hasn’t done so. The driver replied: “because there’s a witness, otherwise I’d break your f*cking neck.”

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The rider, who uploaded the video to YouTube on May 30, says the driver was fined for a public order offence, but the Richmond and Twickenham Times report that the driver attended a police station but was not arrested and enquiries are continuing.

Priory Lane is popular with cyclists, being one of the main routes to Richmond Park. The cycle lane on the pavement has proved not to be too popular with riders due to the need to give way to cars turning into side roads and the poor condition of the surface.