Driving instructors encouraged to teach pupils about cycling’s primary position (video)

New video advises driving instructors to educate pupils about cycling rules and standards as drivers are encouraged to 'share the road'.

Driving instructors are encouraged to teach learner drivers about sharing the road with cyclists and the need to be aware of rider behaviour in a new video.

Blaine Walsh, founder of driving-instructor.tv, is joined in the video by Michael Frearson, of the Association of Bikeability Schemes, in the video to explain what the ‘primary position’ is and why cyclists are entitled to take it, among other things.

Walsh said: “It can be that car drivers think ‘why is that cyclist riding down the middle of the road, he’s stopping me getting past’, but there’s a reason for that.

“It’s really important as instructors that we are aware of that and having conversations with our pupils and making the next generation of drivers not think that way.

“We have to be very aware of teaching learner drivers about cyclists, about what Bikeability are teaching, and bringing that into our lessons – the clues that cyclists give us and why they do certain things.”

Frearson added: “It’s vitally important that driving instructors know what cyclists are doing and then communicate that to their trainees.

“There isn’t any case for one user having a predominant claim on the road, we all do, and the job of Bikeability training and driving training is to share the road and train others how to share it properly.”

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