An immediate and enthusiastic following in the 1950s made the Paris Galibier the iconic bicycle design of its time. With the single main strut balanced with a pair of top tubes, this then revolutionary design, inspired by a French idea, was intended to eliminate whip but with a little elasticity to help absorb road shocks with improved road handling.

In the early 1980s Michael Kemp teamed with Monty Young of Condor Cycles to set up Paris Lightweight Cycles. At the time Tom Board was Condor?s frame builder and built an improved Paris Galibier and the diamond-pattern Champion du Monde frames between 1981 and 1987.

Condor has retained the rights to the Paris design, reintroducing the Galibier to its range as a custom frame to order for those after a new classic design. Unlike most fake antiques, the Galibier has a price tag to match an original, with frame and fork from £1,200.

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