The ticket pricing structure for the 2012 Olympic Games has now been released and for cycling fans it makes uncomfortable viewing.

It will cost £325 to be in one of the front rows seats above the finishing stretch at the velodrome to catch Sir Chris Hoy or Victoria Pendleton attempt to retain their Olympic titles.

Tickets for the blue riband events, like the Team Pursuit final on August 4 will be some of the most coveted of all available at the Games. The Cheapest ticket available for any of the finals sessions is £50.

Cycling tickets are some of the most expensive but they’re by no means the highest. The most expensive seat at the opening ceremony costs £2,012, to watch the men’s 100m final from the prime vantage point is £725 and it’s £450 to be close to the bikinis at the Beach Volleyball finals.

However, even if you have the means to afford a ticket for cycling the chances of obtaining a ticket for any session at the Velodrome are slim. All tickets will be subject to a ballot due to the low number of tickets that will go on sale and the high demand.

Cyclists outperformed any other sports at Beijing in 2008, winning 13 of the 19 gold medals Team GB claimed.  However, the Velodrome holds space for just 6,000 spectators, compared to the 17,500 capacity at the Aqua Centre and 7,000 at the handball Arena. This size coupled with additional demands by broadcasters, the sponsors, IOC and VIPS mean most likely that fewer than 5,000 seats will be available to fans every session.

The cheapest tickets available during the 6 days of track racing are £20. These are for the morning sessions on August 4, 5 and 7.

There are some cycling events that can be seen for free. Parts of the course for the two triathlon events can be seen form the roadside. The cycling time trial is free to view and apart from the grandstand seating on the mall, watching the road race won’t cost you anything.

Tickets for the Olympics go on sale on March 15. British Cyclists go in search of Olympic qualification points in Manchester this weekend at the Track World Cup

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  • Dourscot

    Strong suspicion that the whole event is a massive white elephant we can’t really afford. That average fans are being priced out says it all.

  • James

    I think that a far more worrying aspect of the Olympics cost overruns (or just plain corporate greed) is the danger to the Olympic legacy posed by the threat to the velopark as reported yesterday. The Olympics has always and will always be run by and for Corporate benefit. As an alternative perhaps people can go along and watch the Wenlock Olympics – all those events are free to spectators, and the same with many community based sports events…

  • Colin

    You can buy a bike for the cost of a couple of hours at the trackside!

  • ShropshireLad

    Not a chance of my paying such a price, as it can’t be justified against other claims on my cash. A bit of perspective here: £325 gets you a fine pair of winter wheels, which I’d still be using when the 2016 games roll round. As with many other sports, a great majority of ordinary folk are priced out

  • David

    After seeing the pricing for the Olympics, the only thing I will watch in person is the road race. Despite being a sports fan, who watches many events live, I have a price ceiling and the Olympics exceeds it.

    For the £325 mentioned in this article I could, for example, watch every home T20 cricket match of pretty much any county in the country. Cricket is my second love after cycling and I no longer go to Test Matches or One Day Internationals for similar reasons – too expensive. Actually, later this week I will be at Manchester velodrome. My seat is practically front row, on the finish line, and it cost me about £20. I’ll still get to see the likes of Hoy and Pendleton, but for less than a tenth of the price of similar seats at the Olympic velodrome.

  • Geoff Waters

    A beautiful London 2012 velodrome technically and architecturally but the 1948 Olympic events at Herne Hill were accessible to many more ordinary cyclists. A pity because Hoy, Pendleton and the like deserve the same support and appreciation from cycling aficionados as Reg Harris and Harris/Bannister(tandem) enjoyed back then. Track cycling today is playing Russian roulette.

  • w lee

    shhh or the powers that be may introduce a standing room only stealth tax

  • Niall

    Get real people. Would you rather
    a) the tickets were sold at their real economic value, so the UK taxpayer won’t have to cover the inevitable cost overrun of the Olympics (Athens anyone?)
    b) the tickets were sold at artificially low prices/issued by ballot to anyone that applied regardless of whether they were cycling fans or not, and were then sold on via touts at a profit to the touts and many of the seats were then subsequently empty?
    Why don’t we celebrate the fact that ticket prices are high? It means that events are popular, and foreigners can help cover the UK’s bill.

  • Tim

    Watch the road races, they’re free and they’re the finals too!

  • w.lee

    A games for all? ha