Decathlon bikes range: guide to Triban and Van Rysel bikes

Sports retailer Decathlon are known for their relatively priced but quality range of products, and their own bike brands Triban and Van Rysel appease the reputation that the French brand have acquired.

In 2017, Decathlon revealed it was planning to drop the B'twin name from its Triban road bikes. It has since implemented the overhaul of its Triban range, as well as launching two new models. The range will now just be known as Triban, as opposed to B'twin Triban.

On paper, it might seem inconsequential, but it's a big deal for the company, with B'twin almost being a household name. Decathlon say, however, that such a move was necessary because of the sheer number of bikes it now produces. The ranges have been split into Triban and Van Rysel bikes.

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decathlon bikes range triban

The Triban bikes fit under the 'cycle tourism' category and suit beginners through to advanced riders, whereas the Van Rysel Ultra range is for those who have a performance element to their riding.

The bigger benefit of the name change, the brand says, was the creative freedom it offered to redesign the Triban bikes that have been the brand's bread and butter bikes for a very long time.

Ranging from flat bar, go anywhere models through to superbly comfortable aluminium frame racing bikes, they flew off the shelves. They all also come with a lifetime warranty.

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Decathlon: Triban bikes range

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Triban RC100

(Image credit: Triban)

Triban RC100

Decathlon's cheapest road bike, the RC100 is designed to really ease you into the world of cycling on a road bike. Designed for comfort, the RC100 is based around a 6061 aluminium frame with a shorter top tube and longer head tube, taking the strain away from the neck and back, areas that usually take a real beating when starting out on the road.

You don't get the usual range of gears you find on most road bikes as the RC100 only has a single chainring with a seven-speed Shimano cassette.

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It has Decathlon's own brand wheels with 32mm tyres to add more comfort again. You can also easily add mudguards with eyelets on the rear rack, making it a great commuter.

Triban RC120

(Image credit: Triban)

Triban RC120 and RC120 Disc

Another bike based around comfort, the Triban RC120 is a more sophisticated version of the RC100 and is Decathlon's best seller. It has an aluminium frame but paired with lightweight carbon forks. Microshift's eight-speed shifter on a 11x34 cassette and Shimano Tourney 50/34 double chainring provides the gearing.

This is the bike you will probably see commuters riding around cities and towns on. The frame, handlebars, saddle and tyres are all designed for comfort, just with a couple of extra luxuries compared to the RC100.

The RC120 Disc, as you may have guessed, is basically the same bike, but with disc brakes. It also has Triban Tubeless ready wheels in comparison to the standard RC120 that has Triban 700 wheels. Crossed steel spoked to add strength and is a tad more expensive. Both bikes come with a bell and front and rear lights for necessary visibility when riding through towns and cities.

Triban RC500

(Image credit: Triban)

Triban RC500 and RC500 Disc

The trend with all these Triban bikes is that comfort and versatility are the primary focus. Advertised as both Triban's and Decathlon's most comfortable bike, the RC500 models are the best steeds to really get going as a regular road rider.

This bike is designed to do everything: general road riding, adventuring, touring - you name it and it can do it. This bike has enough clearance for 36mm tyres for even greater comfort on rougher ground but generally it comes with 28mm tyres.

Kitted out with Decathlon's new Triban Evo carbon/aluminium forks, the bike is designed to carry a front mounted pannier rack of up to 9kg, ergonomic aluminium handlebar for better grip and comfort with a range of sizes for the bars and stem. It's a good bike for bikepacking, but too much overloading could damage or break it.

The RC500 rim brake option comes only with flat handlebars, whereas the disc model comes with either flat or drop handlebars, giving the choice between a more upright or aggressive riding position. The bike is also fitted with a Shimano Sora drivetrain, a nine-speed derailleur and a Sora crankset in 50/34.

Triban RC520

(Image credit: Triban)

Triban RC520

The aluminium frame bike, with a dropped seat stay, 27.2mm seat posts and compact geometry mirror Decathlon's desire for a comfort orientated bike. TheRC520 is made for the road, adventuring and touring, but with added performance.

Comfort is a key factor, but the RC520 doesn't compensate on speed. Equipped witha Shimano 105 groupset- albeit without the dedicated chainset or brakes - the RC520 uses TRP's Hy/Rd hybrid callipers, which are a mixture of cable and hydraulic stoppers.

Tubeless ready and spec'd with a brand new Triban wheelset, those with an eye to commuting will also be pleased to read that the frame comes with holes for mounting guards and pannier racks.Also new is the Triban Ergofit saddle, a new hammock designed saddle that the brand says should be comfortable on long days in the saddle.This model is also available with flat bars, making it more of a touring/commuter bike.

Triban Easy Women's road bike

(Image credit: Triban)

Triban Easy Women's road bike