Rob Partridge at stage three of Tour of Ireland

Rob Partridge of Halfords Bikehut brings the Tour of Ireland to a close with a wet and windy third stage to Cork.

Well, what a day. Wet and windy all day long, but at least the roads were a bit smoother, which I’m sure the entire peloton appreciated.

Things were pretty hectic early on: lots of big splits, lots of teams missing out and chasing stuff back. So,most of the way to Cork was spent in one long line…nearly ripped my arm off taking the feed bag it was that fast.

The crowd in Cork was very impressive, and true to form St Patricks hill was once again a sea of noise; it made the pain a little more bearable. Myself and Wilks were painfully close to the front group on the final lap, almost within spitting distance, but getting that little extra out proved a bit too much. We still rolled in in the 20ths somewhere.

Top ride once again by Russ. Loved the way he didn’t wait to get attacked but attacked everyone else himself; pure grit and determination.

So, we’re on the way to Dublin to catch the ferry home. What with a two hour transfer this morning, a five hour stage, three hour drive to Dublin, plus the two hour crossing, it’s some day on the road.

That’s it for Ireland for one more year; great country, great people, and they certainly know how to put a good bike race together.