New Elite Drivo claims the most accurate power measurement of any smart turbo trainer

New Elite Drivo turbo trainer claims power measurement accuracy of +/-1%

It wasn’t too long ago that turbo trainers were relatively cheap pieces of kit to be used only for very serious training sessions or when the weather outside was truly apocalyptic, but in the age of Zwift it seems that people are willing to pay big bucks for highly technical trainers that they ride even when it’s bright and sunny.

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The latest entry into this top-end turbo trainer market is the £1,099.99 Elite Drivo turbo trainer, which the Italian company is claiming will offer the most accurate power measurement of any turbo trainer on the market, with an accuracy of +/-1%, compared to the +/-2% of the Tacx Neo Smart and the +/-3% of the Wahoo Kickr.

elite drivo turbo trainer 2

Elite says that this is done using a “24 point power measurement system on each pedalling stroke”, meaning that the new turbo trainer measures power “as precisely as scientific measuring devices”.

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In terms of hardware, the Elite Drivo turbo trainer features a 6kg flywheel, the heaviest on the market putting it 400g ahead of the Wahoo Kickr, meaning that Elite is claiming an excellent “on the road” feeling, while the Drivo will be able to cope with power outputs up to 2,000 watts. More than high enough for you and me, but Jason Kenny might be struggling.

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When it is released next month, the trainer will be able to simulate slopes of up to 24%, and Elite are also promising that it will be extremely quiet, with the only noise being the chain of your bike.

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As you’d expect from such a pricey turbo, the Elite Drivo offers both ANT+ and Bluetooth connectivity meaning that it can be connected with all the relevant apps of software like Zwift, Trainer Road, and Elite’s own software.

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