Korean brand Tannus launch faster rolling Aither 1.1 model

The UK launch of the Tannus solid tyres last year caused quite a stir on the Cycling Weekly website, much more than expected giving that this is a technology which has been knocking about for the best part of 130 years. Now the Korean company is bringing its lightweight solid tyre to the UK, with the Aither 1.1 set to launch next month at the London Bike Show.

Tannus claim that its new model is just as robust as the original Aither 1.0, meaning it should be good for 9,000 kilometres without losing more than 1.5mm of tread. It’s this incredible longevity as well as the incredible convenience of never puncturing that should go some way to justify the £119.90 price-tag for a pair (although Tannus are currently offering single tyres for £50 and a pair for £100 for customers using the code ‘londonbikeshow’).

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However the new lightweight solid tyres are aiming to take on the pneumatic world head on. In fact Tannus claims that the Aither 1.1 will travel at 29kph at the same power output needed to ride a Panaracer road tyre at 30kph. Certainly good enough for training rides at least.

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Of course don’t be misled by the ‘lightweight’ tag – these tyres may be lightweight for a solid tyre, but they’re certainly not going to be challenging lightweight pneumatic offerings such as the Vittoria Open Corsa SC or the Challenge Elite Open Road any time soon.

Still the claimed weight of 380g could be worse, and isn’t a million miles away from the combined weight of a Continental Gatorskin plus rim tape and inner tube.

The Aither 1.1 comes with a set inflation level of 100psi and will be available in 700x23mm in ten different colours, and 700x28mm, 700x32mm, and 26×1.75 in black.

  • Bob.

    …been riding these 1.1’s since february and had to remove the rear
    already having done only 1500KM! The profile was worn down and squared
    off badly….and had cuts from london roads….thats less milage than i
    get from cheap Rubino £10 tyres….
    …the ride is harsh (and that
    comes from previously riding cheap tyres with ‘slime’ puncture proof
    tyre liners)…the rolling resistance is high (good training i
    guess!?!)…higher than they claim fore sure as my ride to work has been
    noticably slower according to my garmin….
    …im not impressed after speaking to a rep at the London Bike Show they just havnt got anywhere near their claims….
    have emailed them for a refund as they guarentee them for 9000km or
    2yrs….im still waiting for them to reply !!! (i will update if i get

  • Barry Gardner

    I wonder how easy these are to get on the rims, as they’re pre-inflated?
    Hope we’ll see some reviews soon.
    No puncture to repair on a cold winters morning sounds appealing.

  • Chris

    These aren’t going to be used by the racing elite, so why 100psi? Surely 80 / 85psi would have been a better start for commuters and winter cyclists. Perhaps their rolling resistance was too high at this nominal pressure?

  • Micheal White

    It’s £120 for the pair, so only £60 each, £50 if you use the code “londonbikeshow”.

  • Chris Kenyon

    Sounds good to me!!

  • Charlie Woodall

    Got some of these on my central london single speed commute bike and they’re excellent.

    £100 but was going to spend £70 on some new tyres anyway. Smooth ride, light, no need for the 20 minute rear wheel removal process on my bike and no more punctures in the January rain on the way to work. Win, win, win.

  • Charlie Rispin

    Also save the weight of CO2 inflator and bottles, pump, tyre levers, spare tubes, and saddlebag if you carry some/all of these, but £120? – each? This tight Yorkshireman won’t buy them.