The Argon 18 smart bike will be able to give you real time feedback to find your most aerodynamic position

If you think that your bike with its cycle computer, power meter, and heart rate monitor was sophisticated then, you’re going to want to take a look at Argon18’s new smart bike, which measures a huge number of metrics to help make you faster.

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The bike, which does not yet have a name beyond Argon 18 Smart Bike, has a computer integrated into the head tube that can connect to up to 30 different sensors to give riders an unprecedented level of information about their riding.

argon 18 smart bike wind sensor

Most of the metrics relate to aerodynamics, with the bike having the ability to calculate your CdA (basically how aerodynamic you are using a wind sensor that sticks out from the front of the head tube. This can then be cross-referenced against sensors on the rider measuring body position to see how different positions affect aerodynamic drag.

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There are also a number of other sensors on the rider that the bike will be able to connect with. As well as heart rate, it will be able to measure heart rate variability, body temperature, lactic acid, and muscle oxygenation, providing riders and coaches with more data than ever at the end of each ride.

argon 18 concept bike (35)

The front end of the road version of the smart bike looks incredibly cool

On the bike there will also be sensors measuring the angle that the bike is leaning and the amount of pressure applied to different parts of the saddle, and will also be able to connect via Bluetooth, ANT+, or WiFi, meaning that it will be able to link up with cycle computers (including Garmin Edge units) when it is released.


But when will it be released? Well, Argon 18 isn’t giving a date just yet, but says that it has been working on the project for two years already. And when it does hit the market it will be offered not only as an option on Argon18’s bike, but is also being designed as an after-market product to be added to other manufacturers’ models.