Kickstarter project Ridersmate automatically sends a text to your loved ones if you fall off your bike showing your location

Cycling alone can have many benefits, but one of the big disadvantages is that there is nobody to help if you fall off your bike.

Entrepreneur David Coleman is seeking funding on Kickstarter for his Ridersmate GPS device, which can automatically send a text message to a loved one if you hit the tarmac.

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Attaching one of the device’s clips to your bike and the other to your clothing, an alarm is triggered when the jack plug is detached, which will happen the instant you fall.

Once triggered, the device will text people of your choice to inform them of a ‘rider down’, with a Google Maps link to your location allowing them to inform the emergency services of your exact location.

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Of course, not every fall requires you to seek medical attention, so to avoid a fleet of ambulances arriving to the seen of your tumble at the traffic lights you can plug the jack plug back in to initiate another text to tell everyone you’re fine.

Coleman is looking to raise £19,900 on Kickstarter by February 8, with a pledge of £199 seeing you receive a Ridersmate (RRP £249).

Visit the product’s Kickstarter page for more information.

  • It’s a nice idea, just too pricey I think.
    Also, you don’t need GPRS to send an SMS so not clear whether there is a reliance on the data network for this product to work, or simply the mobile network (and yes there is a difference as it is possible to get a phone signal but not a data signal – especially in rural Britain).
    I think Mike has a better solution. In fact, the Rideye camera I just bought uses just that capability and has collision detection so that in the event of an accident it automatically saves the last 5 minutes of video and the next 5 minutes.

  • Mike Prytherch

    Good idea but wrong implementation, people will forget when they get off the bike and trigger it, I know from experience of something similar on motorbikes, it would be better to have a gyroscope and accelerometer in it to detect when you have fallen off.