ICGlove launches an automatic indicating glove to help cyclists be seen at junctions

Will Wood, founder of ICGlove discovered a hazardous area for all cyclists around junctions and turnings during commuting times in the dark. Wood found that road users struggled to see indication from cyclists and didn’t know which direction cyclists wanted to head.

The new glove that automatically flashes orange when you raise and turn your hand outward is said to give clear indication that the rider is either turning right or left.

The video, which shows how the ICGlove works using a simple orientation device set with in the glove. It automatically activates when the hand is tilted backwards and outstretched, alerting road users of your intention to move. When the hand is returned to the handlebar the light stops.

The self contained unit promises to provide 30 days of continuous use via a coin cell battery, a 20 second automatic shutdown timer (useful for those on drop handle bar bikes) and allows for simple removal, so you can wash your gloves.

At £29.99 and a suggested 65g a pair, we can’t see a downside. We’ll see how these work in the real work, so check back for a review soon.

Contact: www.icglove.com

  • rititiitti

    IndependentThinker, Raising your arm is the normal way to indicate. It’s what other road users understand and expect. Inventing your own signals (illuminating one glove while keeping both hands on the bars) and hoping for the best is not a good idea.

  • IndependentThinker

    Major drawback to my mind is that they only operate when your hand is off the handlebar. OK, I get that any flashing illumination is good (hence the no downside comment), but one handed bike handling skills aren’t massively evident on the morning commute. At best these gloves are a marginal improvement – and you’d need a summer version and a winter version.

    Apologies to the vendor, but I won’t be rushing out to buy any