JLT Condor, now supported by Mavic, unveils its new livery for 2015


Although it was sad to report last year that Rapha would pull support from its six-year involvement with the UCI-ranked team Rapha Condor JLT, it certainly brought the question of what’s next for the ‘Men in Black’.

The kit has already been seen on road and track riders racing at home and abroad — most notably multiple wins for Ed Clancy at the Revolution Series and a strong performance from Kristian House in Australia — the team has now officially launched details of its new livery.

Mavic Provide kit from its Annecy home

Mavic is now official kit provider

Mavic will provide clothing and accessories to the team, swapping the usual pink for yellow, while not losing too much of the distinctive ‘men in black’ look the team has built up over the last few race seasons.

JLT Condor retain simple design

Simplicity design on the back of the jersey

JLT Condor say that the new kit has been engineered to precision in Mavic’s Annecy factory base, which looks to include ‘bonded pockets’, UV protection and ‘zone specific’ fabrics for close fit and better performance.

New colours for team bikes to match team kit

New colours for team bikes to match team kit

Condor continues to provide bikes, with the Leggero making its eighth season appearance, alongside the Leggero SL and new UCI-approved Super Acciaio. JLT Condor will remain with Campagnolo for 2015, with the Italian company also supplying wheels, which will not be provided by Mavic.

Leggero has been with the team and under development for eight seasons

Leggero has been with the team and under development for eight seasons

For more details of the team visit teamjltcondor.com

  • CJ

    Maybe the fabric or printing doesn’t allow for that. It could be mesh or have little holes to make it breathable.


    Probably because the only sponsor that’s on the front is the team name, which is also on the side of the shorts so for the sake of style and not to over do it they made the right move. Less is more as the saying goes.

  • Mark Jones

    Why do so many British teams not think about displaying sponsorship names on the side of racing jerseys. Get into a breakaway in the Tour of Britain and the sponsors are often unnoticeable to the TV cameras. Always seems a wasted opportunity to me.