Funding is sought to ramp up production of a bottle cage mounted repair kit

Finding somewhere to stash your cycling essentials is always a bit of a pain. Put them all in your jersey pockets and you’re liable to suffer from the dreaded pocket sag – and have them bouncing around every time you go over a pothole.

A saddle pack doesn’t look pretty, gets lots of wheel spray in the wet, potentially rusting your expensive tools and tends to scratch your seat post. And not many of us have the benefit of a following car to carry a spare wheel.

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Tool kit is compact so it's out of the way

Tool kit is compact so it’s out of the way

Enter the Behold. It consists of a metal cage which bolts to your bottle cage mounts and a zipped nylon bag which slots into it. There are two sizes available: the smaller will fit an iPhone 4 or 5 (but not an iPhone 6) or a road tube along with tyre levers, a small multitool and a CO2 inflator. The larger size will fit just that bit more kit, including a 29er MTB sized tube.

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A bottle cage can be mounted to the top of the kit's frame

A bottle cage can be mounted to the top of the kit’s frame

The metal cage comes with a second set of bottle cage mount threads on the top side, so that a bottle cage can be screwed to its top. This means that you can carry your tools without sacrificing a bottle, as is usually the case when you carry roadside repair tools in your bottle cage mounts.

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Behold has already produced prototypes. Now it is looking for Kickstarter funding of $2500 to purchase a press to allow it to churn out its mounts more easily and rapidly. Benefits of funding depend on the level pledged, ranging from a than you up to a full kit complete with the contents necessary to fix a flat or a mechanical. Estimated shipping date is February 2016.

  • M1ckeyM0u5e

    This one certainly does – just click on “Kickstarter funding of $2500” and you’ll be magically transported by Tim Berners-Lee himself.

  • M1ckeyM0u5e

    If you read the Kickstarter spiel (and can get over its annoying style) you’ll see this is the same people who were responsible for the King Cages thing with a slightly different product.

  • J1

    My saddle bag is waterproof, compact and attaches via a clip system, I’ll stick with it. I usually, by accident really, fit in with what’s accepted in the roadie community but notion that saddle bags look bad I disagree with, a lot of the pros use them on their training rides when they have no support and if it’s good enough for them….

  • llos25

    Re invention of the wheel comes to mind .

  • Adam Beevers

    Cheap man’s version of Specialized’s SWAT system. Not sure what’s wrong with a saddle bag? No good for posers? If it leaks, put a cheap small plastic bag inside.

  • Link to view King Cages product –

    Think the Kickstarter guys may have to review their product.

  • ridein

    This is a copy of what King Cages has made for years, they even share the Kargo name.

  • Just Will

    Do your articles ever come with an actual link to the product?