Designers Edward Kim and Benny Cemoli have unveiled plans for a radical new hybrid electric/pedal-powered cycle, named INgSOC.

The yellow and black time trial-inspired machine may look more like one of Transformer Bumblebee’s arms, but it is brimming with the latest bike technology.

Carbon-fibre reinforced polymer has been used to construct the frame, which houses the battery and electronics to control the electric side of the chainless drivetrain. Three modes are available: electric only, pedal only or a combination of the two (electric assist).

Pedalling the bike charges the battery, which also powers integrated front and rear LED lights. 

The design of INgSOC uses hubless wheels – something that concept bike designers have been incorporating in their designs for a number of years.

A smartphone can be housed into the ‘top tube’.

INgSOC hybrid concept bike

INgSOC hybrid concept bike

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Blog for Edward Kim with more images of the bike

  • Paul Tunnell

    Concepts always get toned down by the time they reach market, and in its current form is a non-starter, but there are some interesting ideas here.

  • Jonathan R

    Let us know when someone actually builds a working version. Then I’ll give it a race.

  • skifan56

    Let us know when someone actually test drives it.

  • William H

    Why is it named after the ideology of the government in Orwell’s 1984?

  • Jon

    It looks like it has a lot of potential, but have they tried braking hard downhill on it yet? It looks well engineered but I’m sticking to my trusty downtube. It looks like the front wheel would move towards the bottom bracket under severe stress, either disastrously or enough to cause loss of control.

    I can’t see it catching on with your average cyclist – how would you feel riding around with an electric motor on a souped up TT bike? A bit ridiculous? Especially with the 15mph limit on electric bikes. But as a touring, commuting and utility vehicle it has some potential (if you could change the saddle and it had some carrying capacity). Although the price is probably going to be too high for that market.

    10/10 for thinking outside the box though.

  • Tony Searle

    Do they do it in red?

  • Richard Johnson

    They’ll never get that past the UCI.

  • Gordon

    Urgh. Ugly. How exactly is this supposed to be radical. Haven’t we been using dynamos on bikes for half a century now?