Australian system aims to prevent collisions between cyclists and parked cars

If you’ve done a decent amount of riding, particularly in urban areas, the chances are that at some point you’ve had someone open a car door into your path, potentially causing serious injury if you’re travelling at speed and can’t take evasive action. But now an Australian company has created a system that tries to make dooring a thing of the past.

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The Dooring Alert System is designed to warn cyclists of when car doors might be opened and to help drivers and passengers be more aware of approaching cyclists before opening their doors.

For cyclists this means that cars fitted with the system will have lights built into the rear window and side mirrors. When the driver and passengers undo their seatbelts, the lights will flash, alerting cyclists that the doors are likely to swing open, allowing you to look over your shoulder and safely manoeuvre out of the way.

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Complementing the lights are camera fitted to the car’s wing mirrors, which are attached to screens on the dashboard and the backs of the front seats, meaning that all of the car’s passengers will be able to see when a cyclist is appraching from behind.

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The system is currently in its final stage of development, and will soon be seeking funding on Kickstarter which will allow it to be fitted to newly manufactured vehicles.

Of course the easiest way to avoid being doored is to follow some basic cycling safety tips, and ride in the primary position when riding past parked cars, well out of the way of doors.

For more details head visit the Dooring Alert Systems website.

  • David Keech
  • clive goadby

    In Holland they use a simple piece of driver education – use your opposite hand to open your door. This forces you to rotate your shoulders so you can actually SEE if a cyclist is coming. And they have liability laws so if the driver injures the cyclist there is recompense. Civilised approach we could learn from.

  • burttthebike

    Wouldn’t it be much simpler and more effective to allow cyclists to shoot people who open doors in front of them? The proposed system puts the onus on cyclists to move out of the way when a criminal puts them in danger, and that seems to be the wrong way around to me. Surely it is the criminal’s responsibility to modify their behaviour rather than blame the victim? Or is it still the girl’s fault for getting raped by wearing a short skirt?

  • llos25

    Mine do.

  • Jay

    Wouldn’t it be much simpler to make use of the rear parking sensor to widen the detection angle so it will sound when a bike or any object is approaching near the rear right corner of the car.

  • ronan carter

    Or, people can turn their heads, tech for the sake of tech

  • Walter Crunch

    Majority ifncar trips are single occupancy. I would rather deal with the unlikely chance if a passenger door than a like chance of a driver. And if the driver door is against the line, same situation. The only difference is…I am not getting doored into traffic. Again…it’s dumb to put bikes in the street where there is heavy traffic.

  • Bristol Bike Centre

    How does that stop you getting doored by the passenger?

  • Walter Crunch

    Such a waste. Simply move the cars to the right and bikes use the space between the curb and the cars