Black Friday tech deals from around the web: 40% off Garmin and more

The best tech deals around the web in the lead-up to Black Friday

With the festive season not too far away, many cyclists will no doubt be looking for that perfect Christmas gift for a loved one (or to recommend to a loved one). Some such items can represent a rather hefty investment, but thankfully the Black Friday sales period is well and truly in full swing, with plenty of opportunities to make a saving.

We've rounded up a collection of the best looking tech deals within the Black Friday sales. That means fitness tracking devices like Garmin Edge computers and Fitbits, as well as heart rate monitors, turbo trainers and even lights which will alert you of oncoming traffic from behind.

With each product is a ‘View Now’ link. If you click on this then we may receive a small amount of money from the retailer when you purchase the item. This doesn’t affect the amount you pay.

Wahoo ELEMNT GPS Cycling Computer $429.99 $336.25 from CleverTrainingView Deal
The Wahoo ELEMNT GPS is popular for its ease of set up, link it with your phone to sort all your fields. Communication takes place via Bluetooth or ANT+, and this device offers navigation as well as distance, speed and elevation as well as power and heart rate when paired.View Deal


Garmin Edge 1030 cycling computer £499.99 £299.99 from ChainReactionCycleView Deal
Fully loaded with all the top Garmin tech available, it is one down from being the top of the range in the Garmin cycling computer series. Able to connect to almost all smart and turbo trainers too, it is ideal for use in and out of the house.View Deal
Fitbit Versa 2 Smart Fitness watch £199.99 £159 from John LewisView Deal
This stylish looking watch is ideal for use on and off the bike as it can be used for everyday tasks as well as tracking your efforts on the bike or on a run.View Deal
Letsfit Smart Watch with heart rate monitor £34.99 £29.59 from AmazonView Deal
While it is less know as the big brands of Garmin and Fitbit, the Letsfit Smart Watch is still a great buy and at a very competitive price. Available in six colours and doubling up as a heart rate monitor, it also has all the settings you will want to track your progress in trainer and even in your sleep.View Deal
Blackburn Mag 5 trainer with shifter £139.99 £125.99 from TredzView Deal
Turbo trainer deals are thin on the ground in this Black Friday period, but we have found one. The Mag 5 is a quality trainer with five resistance settings that can be controlled from the handlebar mounted control.View Deal
Garmin Varia 2 Radar Tail Light and Head Unit £269.99 £199 from WiggleView Deal
A light that can detect danger coming up behind you thanks to its radar system, this light is ideal for safety. Not only can everyone see the 220 degrees wide stretching beam that is visible from 140 metres, but you can see that something is coming up behind you as well.View Deal
Cateye Volt 1700 RC front light £179.99 £131 from WiggleView Deal
A very high powered super bright light that will help you see on the darkest of nights. With a possible 1700 lumens available from it, hence the name. Depending on setting it can last from two to 150 hours.View Deal
Garmin Edge 130 $199.99 $174.99 from AmazonView Deal
The basic version of the Garmin oat the top, the 130 doesn't have as much tech as the 1030 does, but it still does the standard stuff, tracking your pace, distance and even helping with navigation.View Deal
Garmin Forerunner 735XT GPS Watch HRT Bundle £349.99 £179.99 from WiggleView Deal
The ideal multisport watch. With setting for running, swimming and, of course, cycling as well as other sports. Along with the Garmin Elevate heart rate monitor to give you exact data while exercising. It also connects to your phone.View Deal

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