What I’m looking for on Black Friday – by the Cycling Weekly staff

This is what we want for ourselves from the best Black Friday cycling deals – so you'd better hurry up before we get our hands on it first!

I sent an email around the office asking everybody what they would like from the Black Friday (Friday November 27) sales. When you send an email round the office asking people to write something for you, usually the silence is deafening. Not this time. I suspect they thought I was offering to get them everything on their lists for free. Sorry guys. But thanks anyway for your contributions. Credit cards at the ready…

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Alex Ballinger, news writer

Alex B

“I’m going to be keeping an eye out for any winter kit in the Black Friday deals so I can keep riding through the bad weather, so any arm and leg warmers, long sleeve jerseys, bib tights, winter socks and definitely a few sets of gloves. I’ve never had the perfect winter get-up, but with cyclo-cross races on the calendar this year’s Black Friday has got to be the perfect time to kit out the wardrobe.”

Sportful NoRain leg warmers at ProBikeKit £45 £26.99
Sportful’s NoRain technology keeps out the wet while staying comfortable, stretchy and breathable.

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Santini Vega Long Sleeve Jersey from ProBikeKit £140 £99
Made from Blizzard thermofleece with water-resistant Acquazero treatment, this is just the sort of jersey Alex is thinking of.

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Michelle Arthurs-Brennan, tech editor

Michelle riding

“In the Black Friday sales, I’d be looking for deals on investment items – the kinds of things I know I’ll need during the year, that way purchasing with a hefty discount represents a real saving as opposed to an unnecessary splurge. A good winter jacket, for example, is a necessity and they can be really expensive – but some are reduced by as much as 50 per cent so that’s a real return on investment (and I’d go for a Castelli Alpha RoS!).

“I know I’ll need race tyres come summer, and a lot of those are reduced – I’ve seen some good deals on Conti GP5000s and Schwalbe Ones. I’d try not to be tempted into buying something that I wouldn’t otherwise have bought – that said, if a good set of power meter pedals appeared with a decent saving I’d be interested!”

Buy now: Continental Grand Prix 5000 from Wiggle £59.99 £38.99

Castelli Alpha RoS Light Women’s Softshell from Evans Cycles £210 £158
Here’s an excellent deal on the Castelli Alpha RoS, which is perfect for about six months of the year as it’s part jacket, part warm jersey, and water resistant too.

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Hannah Bussey, tech writer

“I’m looking out for the less obvious cycling-related items this year. Ideally I’d find a 32in TV and wireless headphones specifically to use just for indoor riding. I use a variety of indoor apps and squinting at a precariously balanced laptop, while getting tangled in cables is wearing thin. I’d love a bigger standalone screen and decent headphones which means I can have the computer in a less risky sweat-drenching/toppling-over position.”

Sony Bravia 720p Smart TV 32in from John Lewis £349 £249
For Zwifting in HD this Sony Bravia is perfect. If the wireless headphones get too sweaty, at John Lewis it comes with a £50 discount code if you get the Sony HT-G700 sound bar at the same time.

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Vern Pitt, news and features editor

“I’m always keeping an eye out for bib tights. I seem to get through tights very rapidly and they’re quite expensive, so whenever you can get a good deal on a decent pair it’s worth stumping up the cash for them.

“Also, I like to see if things like chains, cassettes, brake pads are ever discounted because even if I don’t need them now the laws of winter mean that sooner or later I will need them. It’s difficult to get too excited about a new chain but at least this way I can save myself a few quid on one.”

dhb Classic Thermal Bib Tights from Wiggle £70 £49
Made from Italian Roubaix fleece-backed fabric and with a high-quality Elastic Interface pad, these are an absolute steal at £49 and Vern should stock up on a few pairs at this price.

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Richard Windsor, digital editor

“I’m a sucker for a new pair of sunglasses so always have look at the latest deals on the newest styles and colours. Now is usually the best time to get hold of a new pair from one of the more expensive big brands with winter in full swing, as there’ll be some big money off certain lines. All I need to do then is wait for the sun to come out.”

Oakley Flight Jacket Polished Black/Prizm from ProBikeKit £185 £119.99
With their browless top for a clear view when sprinting and Prizm lens for even greater clarity, the Flight Jackets are an awesome prospect, and at this price – unbeatable.

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Simon Smythe, senior tech writer

“I’m doing a bit of forward planning for when riding gets serious in the New Year. When I clip in for my first ride of 2021 I want everything to feel right, and that includes the clipping in itself. So I’m going to get brand new Shimano SPD-SL cleats (yellow float variety) for all my shoes so I can savour that nice crisp ‘snap!’ when they engage. My willpower will make the same sound a few days later.

“Everyone knows clean bikes are faster, so I’m also going to be investing in the Muc-Off Winter Essentials Kit, which has everything you need to get your machine so sparkly clean you can see your own face in it – and it’s all biodegradable.

“You’ve got to take recovery seriously if you’re upping your mileage in winter – and that’s the perfect excuse for me to stock up on some delicious chocolate-flavoured Science in Sport Rego, which is currently on sale with 35 per cent off the big 1.6kg tub at Wiggle.

“As for a bigger-ticket item, I’ve got my eye on a discounted ISN PN4.0 saddle. I use an ISM saddle on my time trial bike and am a real convert to the terrifying-looking but super comfortable noseless, two-pronged shape. Now I just need one on my turbo bike so I can set them up identically. On the subject of TT, there are some good deals on fast wheels around. The Vision SL 81 clinchers (81mm deep rim) are down from £1749.99 to £1,049.99 for the pair.”

Buy now: Muc-Off Winter Essentials Kit from Wiggle £49.99 £29.99

Buy now: ISM PSN 4.0 saddle from Wiggle £220 £148.99 

Buy now: Vision SL81 SL Disc Clincher Centrelock from Wiggle £1,749.95 £1,049.99

Shimano SPD-SL cleats from Wiggle £19.99 £11.99The yellow version of the three-bolt Shimano cleat supplies 6° of float. There’s also red (zero float) and blue (2° of float).

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SiS Rego Rapid Recovery from Wiggle £38 £24.70
Complete recovery through carbohydrates, electrolytes, protein and vitamins and really tasty too.

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