Best Black Friday Halfords deals 2021: Save on e-bikes and turbo trainers

Our pick of the best deals on Halfords for this Black Friday

Halfords Black Friday
(Image credit: Halfords)

Halfords has joined in with the Black Friday discount bonanza, with a range of Black Friday e-bike deals as well as Black Friday turbo trainer deal and more.

We've picked our three favourite e-bike deals from three different price points, they all feature considerable discounts, which is impressive considering the increased demand in e-bikes over the last year or so. 

Boardman HYB 8.9E Hybrid Electric Bike:£2299 £1,979.10 at Halfords

Boardman HYB 8.9E Hybrid Electric Bike: £2299 £1,979.10 at Halfords

Save £319.90. Halfords offers a great selection of e-bikes, with the Boardman HYB 8.9E their most premium choice. Available in both men's and women's bikes, this e-bike has a flat handlebar and a more upright geometry than a traditional road bike, making it more suitable to leisure riding and commuting. The battery and motor can also be removed and replaced, meaning this e-bike can also be used as a normal bike. You can also connect to the Fazua app, which offers a 'Breeze Mode' setting to allow you to ride up to 56 miles. While this is still expensive, a more than £300 off this high-end e-bike is a very good saving. 

Carrera Crossfire E Electric Hybrid Bike 2.0:£1499 £1,259.10 at Halfords

Carrera Crossfire E Electric Hybrid Bike 2.0: £1499 £1,259.10 at Halfords

Save £239. A slightly cheaper option in Halfords' e-bike selection, the Carrera Crossfire provides up to 60 miles of battery-life, while offering speeds up to 15.5mph. The bike also has four separate modes to choose from, meaning you can travel at your desired speed in comfort. You can also choose between three different frame sizes - 17", 19" or 21" - giving even greater variety to ensure that you choose the correct bike you need. A £239 discount also equates to 15% off, so act fast if you fancy this mid-range e-bike.

Assist Step-Thru Hybrid Electric Bike 2021:£699 £584.10 at Halfords

Assist Step-Thru Hybrid Electric Bike 2021: £699 £584.10 at Halfords

Save £114.90. This e-bike is Halfords' cheapest option, but is still a great choice in their line-up, depending on your needs. A single charge offers 20 miles, considerably less than other e-bikes, but still a good amount to travel around the city in or over short distances. The rear pannier rack also makes transporting luggage much easier, but can also reach up to 15.5mph too. An e-bike costing less than £600 is a bargain too, on a product that would normally cost near-enough £700. 

Halfords Turbo Trainer: £69 £49.00 at Halfords

Halfords Turbo Trainer: £69 £49.00 at Halfords

Save £20. This turbo trainer is perfect for someone simply looking to get extra mileage into their legs these winter months without having to brave the harsh conditions. While this trainer isn't as sophisticated as others on the market, it still offers everything you need to complete a session. With six levels of magnetic resistance, adjustable feet and an easy mount quick release lever, this trainer is ideal, especially considering that it is £20 off. 

Garmin Fenix 6S Pro Black: £599.99 £399.99 at Halfords

Garmin Fenix 6S Pro Black: £599.99 £399.99 at Halfords

Save £200. Rugged enough to endure multiple sports and active lifestyles, but subtle enough to be an everyday watch. Packed full of features, GPS navigation, comprehensive fitness metrics, pair with your phone, and even pay at the store with it. This is akin to a personal PA and PT on your wrist. An online exclusive too, make sure you don't miss out on this incredible product.

Garmin Edge 130 Plus GPS Cycle Computer:£169.99 £99.99 at Halfords 

Garmin Edge 130 Plus GPS Cycle Computer: £169.99 £99.99 at Halfords 

Save £70. This nice little discount on Garmin's most basic bike computer is a good little find. While it may be small and not have all the features of the bigger, pricier computers, it still definitely does the job brilliantly. Its simplified design makes it suitable for someone simply looking to ride from A to B on a reliable GPS system. 

AfterShokz Aeropex Bluetooth Headphones:£149.95£119.95 at Halfords

AfterShokz Aeropex Bluetooth Headphones: £149.95 £119.95 at Halfords

Save £30. These headphones are ideal in the winter months, especially if you're stuck indoors on your trainer, plus they're also available in four different colours: black, red, blue and grey. The bone conduction technology used on these headphones offer precise audio, while still letting you hear the ambient sounds of the world around you. They're also bud-free, making them more comfortable for prolonged periods of use, with the titanium fit ensuring they stay secure and stabilised to your head. An eight-hour battery life and water resistance also makes this £30 saving extremely worthwhile. 

Halfords Repair Stand:£45 £32 at Halfords

Halfords Repair Stand: £45 £32 at Halfords

Save £13. This is a simple to use cycle stand with an easy-mount system, so if you're looking to make any adjustments to your bike over the winter, look no further. The stand can support 25kg, and includes an additional tool tray to make repairs that little bit easier. The four adjustable bike legs also provides stability while you work, and the soft rubber jaws securely protects your bike frame. A £13 discount for an already inexpensive piece of equipment is a real bargain too.

Topeak Chain Tool Universal:£11 £6.00 at Halfords

Topeak Chain Tool Universal: £11 £6.00 at Halfords

Save £5. Quick and easy to use, this bike chain tool is compatible for use with single and multi-speed chains, including ten speed hollow pin chains. If you're in need of a quick-fix to that pesky chain problem you keep having, or want something to help permanently, then this tool is a good bet. Nearly 50% off makes this already cheap product even cheaper too.

Halfords Rear High Mount 3-Bike Bike Rack:£89.99 £62.99 at Halfords

Halfords Rear High Mount 3-Bike Bike Rack: £89.99 £62.99 at Halfords

Save £27. This bike rack can carry three bikes on the back of your car, making moving around to cycle that bit easier. Arriving fully assembled saves time and effort too, while there is an advanced ratchet system to make it easy to fit the carrier and fold it flat. It also features high density foam pads to protect your bikes, and Halfords have given this product a healthy discount. There is also a 2-bike rack available for £7 cheaper if you don't need the three-bike option.

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