Here are my top gravel kit picks for Cyber Monday

There's still a lot of genuinely good gravel kit with big discounts just waiting to be snapped up

Stefan's gravel kit top picks
(Image credit: CPHT3)

As Cyber Monday rolls around, there are still plenty of great deals to be had on a whole raft of gravel biking kit.

Now, we do have guides detailing the best gravel tires, the best gravel shoes, best gravel clothing and, of course, the very best gravel bikes.

But of the kit that's actually in stock and currently on a great reduction, these are my own personal recommendations of genuinely good products – not the largest discounts. 

After all, what is the point in saving 50% on something that might have just had a disproportionately inflated MSRP and simply doesn't work as well as some other product that might only have a 20% reduction.

If you're after our complete, handpicked list of all the best Cyber Monday deals we've been able to find, that page is over here. Otherwise, continue on for my top gravel kit picks for Cyber Monday.

Cyber Monday top picks: gravel clothing deals

USA: $159.00

CHPT3 Most Days Dirt Shorts

USA: $159.00 $111.30 at CHPT3 save $47.70

UK: £119.00 £83.30 at CHPT3 save £37.50

A little over 10 years ago, I switched from baggies to Lycra and, honestly, it was a revelation to step away from those flappy, heavy and restrictive shorts. But despite my heavy prejudice, these over-shorts won me over. The material was lightweight, breathable and stretchy enough that I barely noticed them while on the bike, but they also offered a degree of versatility that Lycra shorts simply can't match – I was able to go out to dinner that evening in them and not feel out of place, quite unlike being the only one in the room wearing skin tight jersey and shorts. Sadly, there isn't yet a women's version available, but those are in the pipeline.

USA: $230.00

7Mesh MK3 / WK3 Cargo Bib Short


USA: $230.00 $184.00 at Jenson save $46.00

UK: £180 at Sigma Sports


USA: $200.00 $160.00 at Jenson save $40.00

UK: £180.00 at Sigma Sports

With wide, flat, elasticated bib straps and a high-density Elastic Interface chamois, the construction mirrors that of high-quality road bib shorts. Two large leg pockets provide ample, easy-access storage – whether for stowing things as you're riding or just as stash pockets when at the café. There are three rear waist pockets too, which are really useful when riding in a shirt without pockets, but are best left alone when riding in a traditional tri-pocketed cycling jersey.

USA: $160.00

Specialized Recon 2.0 shoe

USA: $160.00 $128.00 at Competitive Cyclist save $32.00

UK: £175.00 £129.00 at Sigma Sports save $46 

If you've come to gravel from the road and only known shoes with a three-bolt cleat, you may well be impressed by any gravel or MTB shoe and how much easier it is to walk about in them. But you really shouldn't leave your bar too low – there are some shoes so much better than others. Specialized has blended a supportive pedalling platform with a super flexible toe box, making the Recon very much the best of both worlds. This model with the single Boa dial delivers, what I think, is the best balance between value for money and a secure, comfortable fit. But there are models above and below with dual dial or Velcro fastenings, respectively.

USA: $39.99

100% Brisker gloves

USA: $39.99 $27.99 at ProBikeKit save $12.00

UK: £28.99 £22.99 at Tredz save £6.00

Every time there is a sale I keep an eye out for these gloves. It's been a couple of years since I first tried a set and still nothing I've used since has quite matched them. Supposedly a midweight glove, their temperature range given is phenomenal. I've used them in the height of summer for better grip on shoddy bar tape and down to 7°C / 45°F. They're pretty low profile and so easy to stuff in a jersey pocket, the touchscreen compatibility is great, and the large reflective detailing on the hands really helps with signalling in the dark. Buying gloves without that always seems crazy to me.

USA: $165.00

dhb Aeron All Winter Softshell Jacket


USA: $165.00 $110.00 at Wiggle save $50

UK: £120.00 £80.00 at Wiggle save £40


USA: $170.00 $113.00 at Wiggle save $57

UK: £120.00 £80.00 at Wiggle save £40

Bear with me for a quick anecdote here... growing up in Denmark, we had some family friends who liked to talk up cross-country skiing as cheaper (better) than Alpine – you warm up from working hard; there's no need to pay through the nose for the fanciest kit. 

I've tended to apply the same ethos to gravel – on the road, I want the warmest kit Assos will make, but with the slower speeds and harder going when off road, that level really is overkill. I've found dhb's offerings incredibly good performance for the price. Admittedly not challenging the very top level kit from Castelli and Assos, but still really good and much more affordable.

This softshell jacket provides great versatility. The wind-proof and water resistant membrane isolates you from the winter elements, allowing you to simply ride through showers, instead of continually stopping to whip on and off a clammy hardshell jacket. The grid backed fleece offers extra protection where you need it, while still maintaining breathability for comfort on dry - but cold - days.

USA: $246.49

100% SpeedCraft SL Sunglasses with Photochromic Lens

USA: $246.49 $214.49 at ProBikeKit save $32.00

UK: £179.00 £135.00 at Sigma Sports save £44

Sunglasses arguably become more important for gravel riding as we head into winter, with silty droplets of water more likely to find their way into your eye than gently drifting dust. With a photochromic lens, the glasses adjust their tint according to the light levels, jointly helping to ward off the low winter sun while also not making overcast days any gloomier.

Cyber Monday top picks: gravel component deals

USA: $68.49

Panaracer Gravel King Slick Plus TLC folding gravel tire

USA: $68.49 $42.99 at ProBikeKit save $25.50

UK: £49.99 £34.49 at ProBikeKit save £15.50

We'll do this in order of increasing gnar. If the off-road routes around you turn into a muddy slop through the winter, you might have already decided to stick to the tarmac until things firm up again in the spring. Chances are the back roads will have taken on the characteristics of an unmaintained track anyway. 

With width options of 32, 35 and 38mm and an essentially slick tread pattern, you can blend comfort with a not inconsiderable amount of speed. Just bare in mind that if your bike is rated to take tires up to 700c x 50mm, you'd probably best off going for the 38mm so as not to through off the handling by going too small.

USA: $69.99

Schwalbe G-One Bite Evo Super Ground Tire

USA: $69.99 $46.99 at Wiggle save $23.00

UK: £59.99 £37.99 at Wiggle save £22.00

Unless you live in the perma-sun of Arizona, you're unlikely to get by with a one-tire year-round solution for gravel riding. But I've found the Schwalbe G-One Bites get quite close. The relatively open tread pattern on the mid- to shoulder-knobs clear mud pretty well, while the cylindrical knob profile in general offers extremely predictable grip in all directions. Although I would swap them out for a summer race or timed event, the spacing of the centre knobs is tight enough that the ride never feels a slog. 

USA: $82.49

Schwalbe G-One Ultrabite TLE

USA: $82.49 $46.00 at ProBikeKit save $36.49

UK: £59.99 £33.99 at ProBikeKit save £26.00

If your riding is a little rougher – perhaps boarding on classic cross-country mountain biking – the next tire up in Schwalbe's gravel range provides a good option. Not only is the tread visibly more open and with larger, taller knobs for increased traction, but the sidewalls feel significantly beefier. If your riding traverses a large quantity of unfriendly flints, that's reason enough alone to take the step up. With the horizontal orientation of the  centre knobs, although traction is good in a straight line in muddy conditions, there isn't much lateral grip at all – a CX mud tire with a spongey insert would be the best option for that 

USA: $150.49

Lezyne Gravel Digital Drive Pro pump 

USA: $150.49 $86.49 at ProBikeKit save $64.00

UK: £110.00 £74.49 at ProBikeKit save £35.51

Of all the products to classes themselves as gravel specific, this one is underselling itself with that label. The large diameter barrel shifts more air per pump than a traditional floor pump, meaning it takes less time to inflate your tires. The consequence is that the maximum pressure is only 100psi and it gets hard to pump past 90. But if you've already switched to 28mm tyres – or following SRAM's advice about 25mm – then that'll have you completely covered for road. The digital gauge is accurate down to 20psi, so plenty good enough for most people's gravel pressures – you wouldn't be able to span such a range with such accuracy on a single analogue dial. 

USA: $69.00

PNW Components The Coast Handlebar

USA: $69.00 $54.99 at Backcountry save $15.00

UK: £55.00 at BikeTart

If you're after a set of super-wide handlebars – whether that's for increased control on technical descents or simply to fit a larger handlebar bag – PNW's The Coast Handlebar is up there with the biggest. You've got the 48cm (pretty big) and the 52cm (huge) options to choose between.

USA: $150.49

Deda Gravel 100 RHM handlebars

USA: $150.49 $72.99 at ProBikeKit save $77.50

UK: £109.99 £62.49 at ProBikeKit save £47.50

Or, if you're after something a little lighter, racier and narrower, Deda's off-road evolution of its famous ZERO100 road bar might be for you. Made from triple butted aluminium for lightweight durability, the flare is a modest 12 degrees – but if you're anything like me, more than that causes wrist ache when riding for more than four hours.    

Cyber Monday top picks: Gravel component deals

USA: $299.99

Garmin Edge 530 headunit

USA: $299.99 $249.99 at Walmart save $50

UK: £259.99 £199.99 at Wiggle save £60

Although the screen isn't as large as the Edge 1030 and it doesn't have a touchscreen like Edge 830 and higher models, I really think this is the best value bike computer Garmin offers. The software functionality is essentially identical – which includes the excellent basemaps for following your plotted routes – and it is just so much cheaper.   

USA: $1,449.49

Garmin Rally XC pedals

Dual sided

USA: $1,449.49 $1,100.99 at ProBikeKit save $348.50

UK: £1,059.99 £948.99 at ProBikeKit save £111.00

Single sided

USA: $847.99 $656.00 at ProBikeKit save $191.99

UK: £619.99 £543.99 at ProBikeKit save £76.00

If you're after a power meter for riding off road which can easily be swapped between bikes, Garmin's Rally XC platform is one of the only options out there. You can choose between dual readings or left-side only. But you can always upgrade down the line.

USA: $477.49

4iiii Precision 2.0 GRX Power Meter 

USA: $477.49 $352.99 at ProBikeKit save $124.50

UK: £349.00 £296.49 at ProBikeKit save £52.51

Alternatively, a cheaper option for gravel riding with power – for those with Shimano groupsets that is – is with 4iiii's left hand power crank. This unit provides data that's accurate down to ±1% – although that is only for your left leg, so much depends on your own physiological calibration.

That's all for now, keep checking back as we add more deals!

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