Where can I buy Continental GP5000 road tires this Black Friday?

We take you through all the best deals on Conti's flagship rubber

Continental GP5000
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As the Black Friday deals 2021 start to reach their crescendo, all the very best discounts have been rolling in.

Continental's flagship GP5000 tires are a real firm favourite here at CW. We found they lived up their hype in our first review after their launch back in 2018. Since then – as the stock tire of choice on many performance bikes – we've continued to plough miles into numerous sets.

It takes a very delicate balance to make a truly great road tire. Take lowering the weight and rolling resistance too far and the result is continuous punctures and lack of grip on the corners. But go too tough and grippy and the ride just becomes laboriously slow.

But Continental with its GP5000 has managed to thread the needle just so. They are certainly performance tires – designed for racing and fast riding – but they are also durable, grippy and puncture resistant enough to be ridden throughout the whole season. It's not just a race day special. 

We have a full guide to the best bike tires, if you're after more information and comparison between models. Or, if you're after our full span of deals, you can visit our Best Black Friday Bike Deals page just here.

Otherwise, read on for where to find the best discounts on Continental GP5000 tires this Black Friday. 

Best Black Friday Continental GP5000 deals quick-links

Where to buy Continental GP5000 tires USA

With the GP5000 tires proving such a hit, Continental has continued to add many different models to the range to suit the needs of as wide a range of people as possible. 

The flipside of this, however, is that it can be a bit confusing exactly which tyres are the right ones for you. We'll explain the benefits and use cases for each of these deals so you don't choose the wrong one.  

Continental GP5000 clincher, black sidewall: Save 40% at Backcountry, now $47.97 Being a clincher tire, this model can only be used with inner tubes. This discount applies to the 25mm version – which is a great choice for racing. For longer rides the 28mm version would add a bit more comfort, but that's only been reduced to $64.99 

Continental GP5000 clincher, transparent sidewall: Save 39% at ProBikeKit, now $49.99 The transparent sidewall doesn't mean you can see the inner tubes of this clincher tire, but it does mean you can see the bear nylon carcass of the tyre. Because the sidewalls do actually still have a coating, they are much easier to keep clean than a completely naked setup. They're available in both 25 and 28mm at this price.

Continental GP5000 clincher, cream sidewall: Save 13% at ProBikeKit, now $71.49 Rather than showing the bare carcass of the tire, these sidewalls have just been colored to be this smart cream shade – very pretty, but no performance gains. As a clincher model, these are only for use with inner tubes. Also, there's only the 28mm version available at this price. 

Continental GP5000 tubeless, black sidewall: Save 32% at Backcountry, now $64.57 As the name suggests, this is the model for use with sealant and tubeless valves. Something to note is that even tubeless Continental tires aren't compatible with hookless rims
– you'll need the latest GP5000 S TR for that.

Continental GP5000 tubeless, twinpack (25c): Save 53% at ProBikeKit, now $89.99 If you're looking to replace both your tires, right now you can pick up two for less than the full RRP of one. Same point applies, though, although these are tubeless, this model isn't for use on hookless rims

Continental GP5000 S TR, tubeless, hookless at Jenson $99.95 Not strictly a deal, but if you want the benefits of a GP5000 on a hookless rim, there aren't a lot of choices right now. At least there is the choice of 25, 28, 30 and 32mm options, as well as either black or transparent sidewalls. 

Where to buy Continental GP5000 tires UK

Continental GP5000, clincher, black sidewall twinpack: Save 42% at ProBikeKit, now £68.99 As clincher tyres, these are only for use with inner tubes. With an understated black sidewall, these are great way to snap up top performance on a hefty discount. They are available at this price in 23, 25, and 28mm, but the 30mm version is only discounted to £87.99.

Continental GP5000, clincher, transparent sidewall: Save 27% at ProBikeKit, now £43.99 By transparent, Continental doesn't mean you can see the inner tubes through the sidewall, rather that you can see the threading of the nylon carcass. In still treating the sidewalls, it does mean that they are much easier to keep clean than a pure, naked construction.

Continental GP5000, tubeless black sidewall twin pack Save 42% at ProBikeKit, now £79.99 As per the title, this is the model for use with sealant and tubeless valves. One thing to note is that even Continental's tubeless tyres aren't hookless compatible, so if you've got a set of modern rims, you'll need to look to the latest release, the GP 5000 S TR. 

That's all for now, keep checking back for more deals

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