Books, heated gloves, steel bottles and a cycling vacation - what our staff is asking for this Christmas

Only one person is asking for a bike, and a superbike at that!

CW Asks - Christmas
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"CW asks" is a feature series where our seasoned staff answers a range of questions. The series isn't just about delivering knowledge; it's a chance for us to share a bit of our personality and our passion with you. As we dive into some questions, please feel free to send in some questions of your own to

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Vern Pitt, News and Features Editor

col de joux plane - DG 31Vern Pitt

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I've been riding long enough and have enough disposable income that there isn't ever really anything I desperately need — unless something has broken unexpectedly. 

In my opinion the biggest and best investment you can make in your riding is to go somewhere with nice scenery and/or big hills — at least bigger than the south of England where I live, so if someone wants to get me a plane ticket to a place like that that'd be awesome.

Hannah Bussey, Technical Writer

SealSkinz Upwell Waterproof Heated Glovehannah hussey

(Image credit: Future)

Heated gloves and socks. I suffer with really bad Raynaud's and from October through to April I have to deal with such painful hands and feet, and corresponding chilblains.

I’ve always wanted to invest in rechargeable socks and gloves, but the selection from pukka cycling brands has really been limited. I try and dedicate time every year to researching my options, but I get so overwhelmed by the myriad on Amazon, that decision paralysis takes grip before I’ve ever hit the buy now button. 

Perhaps this year someone can just make the decision for me and leave wrapped under my tree?  

Anna Abram, Fitness Features Editor

Bivo water bottles in useAnna Abram Fitness Features

(Image credit: Anne-Marije Rook)

I’ve got two items on my Christmas list which I’m particularly excited for. The first, I have our North American Editor, Anne-Marije Rook, to thank for bringing to my attention: Bivo’s stainless steel water bottle.

I’m trying to cut down on the amount of plastic in my life — and bidons/water bottles are a prime target. I get frustrated by how quickly bottle cages can rough up the sides of plastic bottles and, no matter how much I try, they always end up clinging on to the taste and smell of energy powders from rides gone by. 

I’m thinking that the dents which will likely occur with heavy use won’t bother me as much as scrappy plastic, plus I think it should be easier to deep clean metal. Very excited to find out how I get on with it myself!

Second is this tiny, little USB-C rechargeable air pump - at a claimed 92 grams, I’m interested to give it a go and see if the extra convenience when setting up camp at night is worth its space and weight. For those who get by on a single pair of shorts, the answer would be a resounding ‘no’ - but I like to strike a balance between weight-saving and convenience, and I think this might fall on the right side for me.

Joe Baker, Tech Writer

Specialized Tarmac SL8 in red, side on on dark backgroundJoe Baker

(Image credit: Specialized)

In terms of a Christmas list, mine is a little far-fetched. In fact, I think I would have to become a global hero before Santa Claus would consider gifting me this, but there we are: The Specialized Tarmac SL8

By far and away my favourite bike of the year, and one I will certainly miss going forward. Supreme stiffness and low weight are packaged in an exceptionally well-handling geometry, and that red marble paint job, too, is something to behold.

Tom Davidson - News and Features Writer

A coffee table is over flowing with cycling related books on, under and around.Cycling Weekly writer Tom Davidson riding on Zwift indoors

(Image credit: Future)

Books! Always books! I have a growing collection of cycling literature that I'm very precious about. I think our sport lends so well to beautiful writing that every year there's a handful of great books written about it. 

This year, I'm hoping to get my hands on Ned Boulting's 1923, which I've heard is fantastic. I've also got Alex Dowsett's new tell-all autobiography Bloody-Minded on my list. Both will make solid additions to my travelling library when I head off to races next year. 

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