Cyclists in Bristol campaign for safety improvements on ‘cheese grater’ bridge

A petition has been launched by cyclists in Bristol calling for improvements to a bridge which has left many bikers needing hospital treatment.
Credit: Rob Brewer

Credit: Rob Brewer

Meads Reach bridge by Bristol Temple Meads station has a metal surface with small holes, which cycling groups claim has caused riders to fall off their bikes, sustaining injuries that have required stitches, dental work and treatment for whiplash, reports the Bristol Post.

Toby Bridgeman, who set up the petition, claims he gashed his knee after coming off his bike in January last year.

He said: “I took quite a heavy tumble and cycling on the bridge feels like crossing ice.

“I have seen a number of cyclists have accidents while travelling relatively slowly across it and I myself had a nasty accident in January which resulted in a trip to A&E.

“I’d really like to stop the injuries and have a sensible surface for a bridge on an official Sustrans cycling route in an official cycling city. Seems like a lot of other people feel the same way because the petition has attracted 300 signatures.”

The bridge has been dubbed “Cheese Grater Bridge – for both its aesthetic and skin grating qualities”.

It links the station and the Temple Quay Central area, and is part of the Sustrans National Cycle Network.

Bridgeman has called for an additional surface to be laid down to give extra grip to avoid future slipping and accidents.

Built in 2008, it cost £2.4 million to construct and is owned by GVA Facilities Management.

A spokesman for GVA said safety on the bridge is of paramount importance and the company had already looked at ways to improve the surface.