3T turns bullhorn handlebar design on its head with new Revo aerobars

New design said to be more aerodynamic and give better grip

The classic bullhorn aerobar has changed little since it was first used in the 1980s, but 3T has turned the design on its head with its new Revo aero bars.

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Instead of having the grip area of the bullhorn bars pointing forward, 3T has repositioned them pointing backwards to give a set of aerobars with a completely unique look, almost having the appearance of a standard pair of drop handlebars when viewed from above.

3t revo aerobars 2

The 3T Revo aerobars almost look like standard drop bars when viewed from above

According to 3T this design is not only more aerodynamic than that of standard bullhorn handlebars, but provides a more secure grip as the rider’s hands cannot slip forward off the front of the bars, also meaning that they are easier to use in the wet and when cornering over rough surfaces.

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The bars are available in two different models, the Revo LTD and the Revo Team, with the only difference between the two being that the Revo LTD come with carbon extensions, while the Team bars have alloy extensions. This means that the Revo LTD bars are also lighter, at between 700-830g depending on stack height, while the Team bars hit the 3T scales at 770-900g.

The 3T Revo LTD bars will cost a pretty eye-watering £650, while the Revo Team bars are slightly less likely to incur a letter from your bank manager at £490

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