This theft alarm literally explodes if someone tries to steal your bike

Bike Mine certainly lives up to its name

Bike locks are all very well, but if you’re not prepared to invest a bit of money, then it might not require more than a pair of cable cutters for a thief to make off with your pride and joy. What you need then is a second line of defence, something that will scare the thief off or at least draw everyone’s attention to the fact that they’re trying to make off with your bike.

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Something, for example, like the Bike Mine, which is currently looking for funding on Kickstarter, and should certainly scare off any potential thief when it explodes at a volume of 150db (almost as loud as a shotgun) when they try to ride the bike off.

bike mine explosion

As theft deterrants go, the Bike Mine is pretty simple, consisting of just a length of wire, a spring trap, a small detonater, and a Velcro mount so you can attach the whole thing to the frame. It works by attaching the wire to the rear wheel, and when the bike is move and the wheel rotates, the wire is pulled out of the Bike Mine, triggering the detonator.

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Despite the alarming name and the worry of attaching a detonator to your lovely carbon frame, Bike Mine’s creator Yannick Read, the man behind the device, claims that his device is perfectly safe, using exploding saluting blanks that are apparently legal and widely available.

Bike Mine is currently looking for crowdfunding on Kickstarter, aiming to raise £15,000 over the next month and a half. If you want to get involved then you can £49 will get you one device and three detonators, but if not then it’s still worth heading over to the company’s Kickstarter page to see it in action.