Audionoggin gives you music as you ride without earbuds

Speakers attached to the sides of your helmet give you music on the go

If you cover lots of miles on your bike, it’s nice to have some music to accompany your riding. But earbuds are potentially risky as they block out ambient sounds, so you can’t hear vehicles approaching. And in the US, laws prohibiting their use when cycling are on the way, with California, New York and Florida in the vanguard.

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Audionoggin is looking to address this issue with “near ear” speakers that mount to the sides of your helmet. Attachment uses magnets. The speakers can also be attached to sunglasses, visors, shorts or hats, so the device is not cycling-specific.

Speaker units use magnets to attach to helmet

Speaker units use magnets to attach to helmet

Audionoggin’s two speaker modules communicate using Bluetooth with your phone or other music player and each contains an ultra-thin speaker to broadcast the sound. The modules are 12mm deep and weather resistant. Volume adjusters are built into the units too and Audionoggin claims a battery life of up to five hours. The two speakers come in a storage case which doubles as a USB charger.

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Of course, being attached to your helmet, they also remove the discomfort of in-ear devices and the hassle of trying to keep your earbuds in place as you move around. And there are no wires to get tangled up and no audio jack, so they’ll work with your new iPhone 7.

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Storage case doubles as a charger

Storage case doubles as a charger

The company behind Audionoggin is a Southern California start-up and the device is being funded via a Kickstarter campaign with a goal of raising $49,000. Funding closes mid-November with delivery scheduled for January 2017 and pledges from $49 up will secure you a set.