Base layers round-up

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If the frame is considered the heart of the bike, then the same goes for the base layer of your cycling outfit.

Getting your base layer right will prevent overheating or wishing that you had packed an old Cycling Weekly to shove up your jersey to keep the chill off your chest.

Whether you’re off out on a recovery spin or sticking it in the big ring, keeping your torso warm will mean you can save energy and concentrate all your effort on turning the pedals. We bring you base layers…

Nalini Traill £43.99

Nike Pro Combat £36

Specialized Deflect 1st layer £34.99

Bontrager B2Light LS £26.99

BBB Thermolayer £28.99

Vangard Windflex Rollneck £69.99

Castelli Uno Plasma £50

Endura Baa Baa £39.99

Craft Zero Extreme £35.00

Pearl Izumi Barrier £49.99

Santini GLLGI TT £74.99

Moa Uelen £65

Altura Thermocool LS £44.99

Gore Turtleneck LS £64.99

dhb 190 Merino £40.99

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