Kickstarter success for Lumo’s collection of jackets and bags

After global success on Kickstarter and having secured equity investment via Crowdcube, Lumo has launched its collection of jackets and bags that should keep you safe whilst looking suave

The most succesful cycling clothing project on Kickstarter believes it has found a gap in the commuter market. Lumo’s recently launched London Collection includes the Bermondsey Backpack along with the Herne Hill Harrington and the Regents Parka jackets which are both available in men’s and women’s specific cuts.

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The driver for its London Collection is to find garments and bags that make cyclists not only more visible on the bike but also look good off it too. Co-founder, Doug Bairner commented: “City cyclists don’t just dress for our journey, we dress for our desination too.”

Lumo jacket

The women’s cut Harrington jacet with LED’s illuminated (Photo: Lumo)

The jackets and bags are said to have subtly integrated ultra high brightness LED strips on the front and back. The lights are claimed to be visible from up to 400m and due to their position should be visible irrespective of your riding position.

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Interestingly Lumo says that the LEDs are waterproof and washable. They are powered by a removable USB-rechargebale battery unit which is stored in a small inside pocket. However, Lumo is thinking bigger than just making riders more visible, it is considering how similar technology could make everyday life easier for cyclists-  for example, charging your phone while you ride.

Lumo front on

The men’s cut Harrington jacket with front LEDs illuminated (Photo: Lumo)

To keep you dry and also well ventilated the jackets use Schoeller fabrics whereas the waterproof Bermondsey backpack is said to be made of waxed cotton from Halley Stevensons. In addition, as we like to see with cycling jackets they are said to be stuffed with cycling specific features, such as stretch shoulder panels, inner cuffs and dropped hems.

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Having seen the Lumo London Collection up close I can confirm they look top quality with no attention to detail spared. I look forward to testing whether the London Collection gets me noticed on and off the bike.

You can buy the jackets now and are priced from £250. The bags will be availeable at the end of September for £200.

For more information go to Lumo’s website.