BeeLine navigation system could revolutionise how we cycle in cities (video)

Rather than following a prescribed route to your destination and checking your phone every hundred yards, BeeLine just points you in the right direction

Cycling in cities can be a stressful thing, especially if you’re not sure where you’re going. Riding round aimlessly as you try and hunt down that landmark you’re looking for just adds to the frustration.

Rather than stopping every hundred yards to check the map to make sure you’re taking the right roads to reach your destination, a new navigation device could allow cyclists to see the city in a completely different light.

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The BeeLine system simply points you in the direction of your desired destination – how you get there would be up to you. Instead of trying to memorise a series of turns and what roads to take, you can take a different route each time and still be directed the right way.

Whereas a dedicated mapping app on your phone will give you a prescribed route to your destination, BeeLine would allow for some creative freedom.

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Prototypes of the device are currently in production, but the system would appear to be a small device that sits on your handlebars or stem with a compass-like arrow revolving as you move towards your destination.

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Type your destination into the BeeLine app and it will point you in the right direction, with an indicator of how far away the location is.

It’ll be interesting to see how this device evolves as it could spell the end of city centre confusion and could allow cyclists to see parts of a city they would have otherwise missed.

The guys behind the project hope to launch a Kickstarter campaign in November, so watch this space for more information and keep an eye on their website at