Check out RideAir: an easier way to inflate your tyres on the go

RideAir claims to be the next generation of effortless air pumps, inflating your tyres with just the press of a button

No matter how much of a dab hand you are at changing an inner tube while out on the road there’s no doubt that faffing about with a hand pump is one of the more annoying things in cycling.

Pressurised CO2 cannisters have been around for a while to help you with that exact problem, but replenishing your supplies can be expensive.

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Now there’s RideAir, which claims to be the next generation of effortless air pumps – inflating your tyre at the push of a button from a cannister that fits in your bottle holder.

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It sounds simple: you spot you have a flat tyre, you pull out the RideAir, attach the nozzle to your valve and press a button to transfer air to your tyre.

When your RideAir is empty it can be refilled in under a second, apparently, from an alternative pressurised air tank.


As with any cycling innovation these days, RideAir is attempting to raise money on Kickstarter to fund its project and has nearly reached the $10,000 mark already.

Pledging $60 will get you a RideAir when they go into production, while $420 will get you eight of the things to give out to your friends.

Find out more about the project on the Kickstarter page.