The COBI smart integrated biking system looks pretty cool (video)

The COBI system claims to offer over 100 intelligent features, including a GPS app, headlights, brake lights and indicators

The Germans are at it again. Yesterday we reported on the Möve Bike, which claims to be reinventing the bicycle, and now iCradle say they’ve created the world’s ‘smartest connected biking system’.

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The company claim their COBI system can add over 100 intelligent features to your bike, including automatic headlights, brake lights and turning signals.

You can also plug your smartphone into it and experience its integrated GPS app, with fitness tracking and Spotify integration – not that CW would recommend listening to music while cycling on the streets, of course.

So that you don’t have to be fiddling about with your smartphone to switch between the app modes, the COBI system comes with a thumb-operated handlebar-mounted control point.

Like all great (and sometimes weird) cycling innovations these days, the COBI system is looking for backers on Kickstarter. At $159 (around £100), the COBI could be a real bargain, if it works, that is.