Given the popularity of high-pressure tyres and the decline of people using tubulars for recreational riding, one might expect manufacturers to be limiting their products and concentrating their efforts on the racing market. But Continental has taken a different approach with the launch of its GP4000 tubular tyre.

Retaining the familiar tread pattern and Vectran puncture-resistant band, the GP4000 tubular has been manufactured with a seamless casing to ensure optimum seating on the rim and, therefore, reduced rolling resistance.

The GP4000 would be a versatile tubular for all conditions and should be the tyre of choice for all types of races or sportive rides where reliability is needed but a lighter tyre would be too much of a gamble. Weighing in at 270g for the 22mm version, the GP4000 tub isn?t the lightest tyre in the range, but if it is anything like the high-pressure version, it will be a formidable tyre for real-roads riding.

Available in both 22mm and 25mm widths.

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