If you want to buy a Garmin, now’s the time – the 520’s price has dropped by 40%

The Garmin Edge 520 has had a price slash in the Black Friday sales, it's now over £100 off – just £167

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If you’re looking to cash in on a brilliant bargain, look no further than this Black Friday discounted Garmin Edge 520.

A lot of Garmin’s have been had their prices shifted over the last week or so, but the discount on this Edge 520 is particularly spectacular – the lowest it has ever been.

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For the new low price you’re getting a serious performance pusher capable of measuring all the most important metrics

In fact, it’s capable of conducting advanced performance tests, including measuring your functional threshold power, a cycling specific Vo2 test as well as analysing your cycling dynamics.

Buy now: Garmin Edge 520 at Amazon for £167

Buy now: Garmin Edge 520 at Amazon for £167

We’ve reviewed the Garmin Edge 520, and found it to be one of the best computers that Garmin have to offer. Our verdict was that it’s:

“A handlebar friendly sized bike computer that provides all the data and information you need. Fulfils all basic requirements, as well as providing some very clever training tools”.

In particular, we liked its vastly improved data field layout and the sheer number of pages you can have, telling any number of necessary metrics and providing you will all your desperate data.

Its hardware is also exceptional, mostly because it still uses buttons over a touchscreen, making it a totally bombproof, even if it starts raining, snowing or whatever else the weather gods can throw at you.

Buy now: Garmin Edge 520 at Amazon for £167

What’s more, it’s got a solid 15 hours battery life and it’s capable of receiving both GPS (better for battery life, but less accurate) and GPS GLONASS (exceptionally accurate, but a touch more wearing on the battery.

The Garmin can also navigate for you if you upload a route you’ve created. In fact, you can keep your favourite data screen up and running and it’ll alert you when you need to turn right or left (or do a u-turn if you get yourself lost).