Make bike maintenance easier with Amazon Prime Day 2019 deals

Offers across a range of workshop essentials

Amazon Prime Day is in full swing, and there’s a host of deals across the site. We’ve noticed some particularly tasty deals in the tool isle.

Most bike maintenance is a lot easier with the right tools. Here are some of the best we’ve seen amongst the Amazon sale rails…

Wera stainless steel multicolour hex set – was £60.99, now £24

best amazon prime day cycling deals 2019

Quality Allen keys make jobs easier, and reduce the chance of slippage – and thus rounding of bolts. These stainless steel tools will be the envy of all your friends, and the colour scheme speeds up selecting the right one.

At 61 per cent off, this is a mega saving.

But now at Amazon for £24

Pro Bike Tool Mini Bike Pump was £24.89 now £19.98

amazon prime day 2019

Get up to 100psi whilst out on the road, with this mini pump plus extender hose. It weighs in at 99 grams, and measures 18.5cm – not a weight in your pocket, but arguably a weight off your mind.

See it at Amazon for £19.98

OVOS Steel Floor Pump was £24 now £18.99

amazon prime day 2019

Make sure you sett off at the optimum pressure with a floor pump at home. For Presta or Schrader valves, with a clear gauge so you can see exactly what PSI you’re at.

See it at Amazon for £18.99

Park Tool MLP-1.2 Master Link Pliers Tool was £16.99 now £10.29amazon prime day 2019

If your chain uses a master link, a pair of these will make that link a lot easier to split when it comes time to fit a new one. You’ll thank yourself when the job comes around.

Buy now at Amazon for £10.29

DAWAY Bike Bicycle Repair Tool Kit was £10.97 now £8.77

amazon prime day 2019

Roadside repairs deserve quality tools, too. With this 32 piece kit, you’ll be hard pressed to find yourself without the piece you need, too. There’s six hex ends, 3 kinds of socket spanner, 3 flat wrenches, 2 screwdrivers and a spoke wrench, plus a sleeve extension rod. A puncture repair kit comes included, with a storage pouch. 

Buy now for £8.77

Ultrasport Bike Stand Expert was £59.99 now £39.99

amazon prime day 2019

You could pop the bike in a turbo trainer and struggle to get to the rear gears, lean it against a wall and have similar issues, turn it upside down (quelle horreur!) and mess up the shifters – or you could just invest in a workstand that will make basically all jobs significantly easier.

Buy now at Amazon for £39.99

Park Tool ATD-1.2 – Adjustable Torque Driver Tool was £74.99 now £43.30

best amazon prime day deals

Torque figures listed on your expensive carbon components are not ‘suggestions’ – over tightening can result in cracks, and under tightening in slippage. This handy little device some with a selection of hex bits (stored in the handle) and a little ‘click’ will tell you when you’ve got it just tight enough.

See it at Amazon for £43.30

Park Tool Cyclone Chain Scrubber Tool – was £27.99, now £16.61

best amazon prime day cycling deals 2019

cleaner bike is more efficient – and this chain cleaner will make the job much easier.

Buy now at Amazon for £16.61

Most of these are Amazon Prime Day 2019 lightening deals – which means they are time limited.

To enjoy the deals, you do need to be an Amazon Prime member. However, the site has slashed it’s Prime price by £20, and there’s also a 30-day free trial. 

We’ll be brining you Amazon Prime Day deals throughout the sale, which takes place across Monday July 15 and Tuesday July 16.

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