You can now get a massive £120 off a Garmin Edge 820 in the Amazon Prime Day sales

Advanced performance metrics at a discount price

Amazon has discounted the Garmin Edge 820, one of its leading cycling computers, by £120, making now the perfect time to upgrade or buy a computer.

This deal is part of Amazon Prime Day which means it’s exclusive to Amazon Prime users. The good news is that you can become a member for free for a month meaning you too can benefit from the discounts – you sign up here. This deal is only available until tomorrow evening.

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Buy now: Garmin Edge 820 at Amazon for £209.99

The Garmin Edge 820 came out a couple of years ago but has since been atop the tree of Garmin’s cycling computers alongside the Garmin Edge 520 and the more recently released Garmin Edge 1030.

As a computer, its main selling point is advancing your cycling performance and it’s jammed full of top tech to help make you faster on the bike. As you might expect, it’s capable of measuring speed, distance and time and it uses advanced GLONASS satellite tracking to do so very accurately.

Main selling points:

  • Capable of conducting FTP tests, VO2 Max test and other advanced test when partnered with a heart rate strap
  • Recovery advisor recommends how long to wait between rides
  • Strava live segments out on the road
  • Compatible with speed, cadence and power sensors
  • Turn-by-turn navigation prompts and routing
  • GroupTrack to keep track of other Garmin users

The Garmin Edge 820 also has a touchscreen that, to be honest, we didn’t rate very highly when it first came out. However, it was largely software based issues and in the couple of years since it has been improved with updates. Looking at the Amazon reviews of the Edge 820, it looks like its most recent users agree with us, with plenty of reviews from 2018 stating how useful they found the device.

Buy now: Garmin Edge 820 at Amazon £209.99 

The battery life of the Edge 820 is also superb and we found we got at least eight hours out of the computer even with sensors attached and when it was using GLONASS satellites to help guide us.

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