Cyber Monday Deals: 25% off Lifeproof smartphone cases (USA)

Make sure your smartphone is protected on wet and snowy rides by cashing in on these phone case deals.

The Lifeproof Fre is our choice for weatherproof protection against the elements. The Fre comes in numerous versions to fit most iPhone and Samsung Galaxy models. Some Apple and Samsung phones offer a small degree of water-resistance, but nothing that's on the same level of resistance to water, mud, grit, and protection against impacts drops high as two meters. 

Interested in checking out other waterproof smartphone cases? Here's our guide to the best cases to keep your smartphone safe.

A waterproof smartphone case is a great item to invest in for any cyclist planning on training through the winter months. (Not to mention a great option to consider for anyone who's the least bit clumsy, or who enjoys checking their Strava stats in a post-ride shower.)

The smartphone specialists at Lifeproof have launched a 25% off sale through Cyber Monday.

Lifeproof Fre Smartphone Case (USA) 25% off - Price varies by device

Experience more. Consume less. The Fre waterproof phone case is sealed to go everywhere and built using 60% recycled plastic.View Deal