Black Friday Cycling deals – Get £125 off a Gore One 1985 Shakedry jacket

An absolute bargain on a brilliant jacket

The Gore One 1985 Shakedry jacket is one of the most technologically advanced jackets on the market. Previously it was also one of the most expensive, but it’s now on a whopping 50% discount at Wiggle.

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Black Friday 2018 deal: Gore One 1985 Shakedry jacket at Wiggle for £125

USA deal: Gore One 1985 Shakedry at Wiggle for $149

As the name suggests, you can dry the jacket by simply shaking it which removes the beaded water that’s sitting on the jacket. Unlike other truly waterproof jackets on the market, the Shakedry is also able to pack down incredibly small, easily fitting in a rear pocket. This is because of Gore’s technological called “permanent beading surface” which effectively allowed the brand to remove the DWR layer you find on most jackets which reduces the weight to 98g for a size small.

Gore ONE 1985 Gore-Tex Shakedry jacket

The elasticated cuff is new and makes getting the jacket on (or off) over gloves much easier

We’re such big fans of this jacket that we awarded it a spot on our editor’s choice list last year, marking it out as a truly unique product.

In our review we said “it is easy to run out of superlatives with a product like this, but the performance of the Gore ONE really is on par with a dedicated hard-shell waterproof. However (and this is the deal clincher), the low weight and high packability is comparable to a lightweight emergency rain cape.”

The Gore ONE

Gore has sweated the finer details, too. The zip is two-way meaning it can be undone from the bottom, allowing for better ventilation. Meanwhile, the cuffs feature an elastic insert which holds them tighter to your wrists while a velcro neck strap allows you to fine tune the fit and keep as much warmth inside the jacket as possible. Finally, there’s a small pocket on the rear, meaning you can gain access to your most valuable of valuables without having to take it off.

Black Friday 2018 deal: Gore One 1985 Shakedry jacket at Wiggle for £125

USA deal: Gore One 1985 Shakedry at Wiggle for $149

To summarise, the jacket offers the best of both worlds. It’s as waterproof and windproof as a full-blown hardshell jacket but as packable as a lightweight cape. Even better, there’s plenty of sizes available.