Limited edition tan wall Continental GP5000s reduced by 41% (US) and 29% (UK)

Black Friday is here and so are the discounts, make sure to grab these tyres before they go

continental gp 5000 tan side wall black friday deal

After much anticipation, Black Friday has now arrived – and with it, the very best cycling deals. There have been some great discounts on wheels and tyres, but we’re picking out this tan wall Continental GP5000 discount as one of the best on the net right now.

As Continental’s flagship tyres, the GP5000s promise the most optimal combination of suppleness, weight and rolling resistance. We were very impressed when we had them on test, finding the tyres both grippy and puncture resistant. One of the only criticisms we made was regarding the price – which is now significantly reduced.

This set is a limited edition tan wall version, produced specifically for the Tour de France. As we all know, tan-wall tyres are the crowning glory of many a bike build – so make sure to pick up this elusive set while you still can.

US: Continental Grand Prix 5000 Tan Wall Limited Edition Twin Pack | $159.99 $95.00
For those buying from the US, today is your lucky day; there's a massive 41 per cent reduction just waiting to be snapped up.
UK: Continental Grand Prix 5000 Tan Wall Limited Edition Twin Pack | £119.99 £84.99
Over in the UK, a 29 per cent discount is incredible value for these high rated – and ever so stylish – tyres.

Of course, if you're not into tan walls, there are offers on the all-black models (tubeless and clinchers), too - view those here (UK) and here (US).

Part of what makes these tyres perform so well is the Thread Per Inch (TPI) count – and at 330 TPI, this is one of the highest. With more threads in the carcass of the tyre the more supple it is, allowing it to conform to the bumps in the road surface – rather transmitting them through the frame and into your arms.

Whereas with the previous GP models the tread pattern was CNC-ed into the tyre, it is now laser printed onto the shoulder, standing proud from the casing. The compound of the rubber was also updated to provide even more grip in the corners while also reducing rolling resistance – something of the holy grail of compound design.

But high performance has not been at the cost of durability, the tyres showed little sign of wear while we had them on test.

Puncture resistance was also impressive, delivering zero flats while being rattled over the rutted road of Surrey and Kent. This is largely thanks to the Vectran Breaker layer, a polymer which acts as a blockade against foreign objects getting through the carcass of the tyre.

Stefan Abram
Stefan Abram

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