Are there no bounds to the ambitions of Wiggle and its in-house clothing brand dhb? It would appear not. The latest product to join dhb?s ever-expanding range is in a new area for dhb ? road shoes.

Aptly named the R1, it is aimed as an entry-level product, but all the same it seems nicely constructed and specified. A nylon sole offers a fair amount of rigidity and comes with shoe-plate options to fit Look?s three-bolt design, Shimano?s SPD and SPD R.

The sole also has a number of vents to promote airflow, or perhaps waterflow given the weather we?re having!

R1 looks to be a great first road shoe and it comes in two colour options black/silver and white/silver/red. Sizes range from 40-47 and the list price is £43.99.

Contact: www.wiggle.co.uk for information and ordering

dhb r1 road cycling shoes