Working on the chaos theory that small variations in the initial condition may produce large variations in the long-term behaviour of a system, Effetto Mariposa produces highly accurate torque wrenches.

Complementing its wrenches, Effetto Mariposa also produces Carbogrip and Carbomove. Carbogrip is a high-molecular-weight silicon resin that, sprayed onto a seatpost, bar or bolt before assembly, polymerises in a few minutes to create a grippy surface and prevents slippage. It also possesses anti-seize properties.

So should you have a seized part already, Carbomove could be for you. In aerosol form,

it is a powerful penetrating oil and solvent that cleans surfaces and is equally effective at removing seized parts without damage to carbon composites or metals.

Carbogrip comes in a 75ml aerosol for £6.95, and a 200ml aerosol of Carbomove is also £6.95.

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